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An interview with Larrnell Cross and Onikage, hosts from 2 different countries explore food and culture in their unique podcast.

What is the Autistic Delicatessen?

Larrnell: It’s a food and drinks podcast with me & Onikage. We share chats of our food experiences and have conversations with different guests who are in the food industry internationally or have some involvement in food and drinks. Even if it’s connected through the arts and music.

Onikage: We are both on the Autistic spectrum, and we wanted to make a Podcast that show that Autistics can do other projects too, not just advocacy. That’s where the Autistic comes from in the title.

Can you tell me about yourself and how you and Onikage met?

Larrnell: I graduated from Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Davie, FL back in 2006. I was diagnosed with autism as a child and i also i host/produce a music/arts segment for Alternative Frequency on WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa called “Get Inoculated.” I first connected with Onikage through an Autism group on Facebook and was a guest on her podcast, “Aut-ish”.

Onikage: I’m from Scotland and was late diagnosed as an adult. I’ve studied photography in University and have graduated with a Masters. As Larrnell mentioned I have an Autism podcast called Aut-Ish, which is also a blog and youtube channel. I also write a tea blog called Land of Infusion.

What do you want to accomplish with your podcast?

Larrnell: Having people to take a journey with us to know about different cultures, spirituality, social justice, autism awareness, and creativity through the realm of food.

Onikage: Let people enjoy all the stories about food, in that there’s always a sense of community.

How does your autism play into the podcast?

Larrnell: Well we show that we’re just 2 hosts who happen to be on the spectrum who like food and drinks. The guests we have we try not to stay in the autistic-only space.

Onikage: We discuss food and drinks with enthusiasm, which shows two autistics enjoying what they are talking about. As the theme of the podcast is about food, we aim to have a wider audience for both autistics and neurotypicals alike. There may be autistic themes sprinkled here and there!

How do you find people to interview?

Larrnell: Through social media or going out to events

Onikage: Social media is a good networking tool. Also word of mouth.

How do people listen to your podcast?

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Larrnell (Podcast Host/Producer of Get Inoculated on WMNF & The Autistic Delicatessen)

Larrnell graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting Campus in Davie, FL back in 2006 and has since created, produced and hosted his own podcast ~ Inoculative Expressions which is now “Get Inoculated”. It’s a segment with guests that are diverse musical artists, poets, authors, and storytellers on Alternative Frequency every Thursday morning at 4am EST on WMNF 88.5FM in Tampa.

Listen to past episodes of my segment “Get Inoculated” at or listen at 4am EST on Thursdays on WMNF’s Alternative Frequency at


Onikage (Blogger, Photographer, Podcast Host/Producer of Aut-Ish, Podcast Co-Host/Producer of The Autistic Delicatessen)

Onikage started her creative ventures with Oni Photography and produced various video projects relating to Autism, in which helped create Aut-Ish. Aut-Ish, while primarily a blog has expanded to a YouTube channel and a podcast. Each medium provides themes of neurodiversity, support, Autism Acceptance, Autistic Representation in the media, Gender/LGBT+ Discussion, Neurodiversity and Disability Rights and Autistic Advice based on personal experiences.
Land of Infusion:

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