Art and Poems for Peace 2022: World Peace Begins With Each of Us – Post #6

Michael Sardoni
Michael Sardoni "Peace Dove for Ukraine"

Cover Image: Michael Sardoni “Peace Dove for the Ukraine” Paper Mosaid and Digital Art “Peace Dove for the Ukraine represents hope that someday there will be peace in Ukraine and the whole world.”

As we approach September 21, the date the United Nations has named the International Day of Peace, The Art of Autism contributors continue to share their intention and creations for world peace. You can see all the blog posts here and all the images posted on our website so far here.

Ukraine is on many people’s mind as we have watched on television the desperation and devastation of war.

Peace Sign
Kurt Muzikar painted this metal peace sign that was once white yellow and blue for his intention for peace for the Ukraine.

Navneet Kulkarni has titled her poem the 2022 United Nations theme for International Peace Day.

End Racism. Build Peace.

Navneet Kulkarni End Racism Build Peace

Maria Iliou

Maria Iliou "Aegean Sea Lighthouse
Maria Iliou “Aegean Sea Lighthouse”

Maria Iliou is autistic and is the parent of an adult autistic daughter. She is a writer, poet, and painter.

Aniruddha Jairam

Aniruddha Jairam "My Dream Meadow"
Aniruddha Jairam “My Dream Meadow”
Aniruddha Jairam "Swimming Through Life"
Aniruddha Jairamm “Swimming Through Life”

The Art of Autism is thrilled with all the submissions. Stay tuned for our last post with art and poetry later this week.

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