Stronger Together: Art & Poems for Peace 2022 Post #5

Emy Spinks
Emy Spinks "Stronger Together"

Cover Image: Emy Spinks “Stronger Together” This piece was inspired by the traditional dove that represents peace that Emy came across whilst researching peace, she likes the design and created her own version combining two doves to show coming together. Emy chose to add text referring to peace around the doves.

As we get closer to the International Day of Peace, the Art of Autism has committed the month of September to our readers’ submissions. You can view all the 2022 submissions thus far here.

Emy Spinks

Emy Spinks "Peace Flowers"
Emy Spinks “Peace Flower” Acrylic on Canvas

Emy liked hippie peace style artwork found when researching peace which was prevalent in the 1970’s and combined this with peace related text and symbols for this piece.


by Lisa Smith

Imagine a world where we all
Do what we want
A world where teachers don’t
Feel like teaching so we have no
Doctors, lawyers, police officers etc

A world where doctors do whatever
They want to do. So you have a fever or
Your babies or your spouse or you
And the doctor laugh at you and say
You need to understand I am just a doctor

Or your community or area you live decided. We want no rules and no big deal if Anyone breaks the rules.
Therefore your neighbors can park on
Your lawn and take your outdoor furniture etc.

Where your neighbors can take away
Your child’s favorite toy or your child’s comfort toy. And you can’t do anything about it . No big deal
Because a world without rules
Is a world where no one is value
And selfishness runs deep.

A world where the weak and hurting is
Laugh at or call moody or bad mood.
A world where those who are in authority
Look down on everyone.

A world where everyone who is different is wrong and good is bad. And bad is good. A world where your children are
Laughed at and you can’t do anything about it.

Choose which world do you want, for you, for me, for others. Because I can imagine
A world where rules are just to be to
Make some people happy but it can be ignored for others.

That world is a sad world. A selfish
World. A world where men are lawless
A world where it is all about self and no one is valuable. No one, not even yours.
Imagine and choose which world you want. I know that you may be saying

It is not important. But stop and imagine. Pause and imagine. Be still and imagine. Imagine a supportive world which is fair for all and not half. A world you can walk outside at night without fear. And your loved ones can play, drive, walk and be safe and whole. Just imagine!!!!

Kim Larson

Kim Larson
Kim Larson “Growing Diversity”

Pranjal Mishra

Pranjal Mishra
Pranjal Mishra “World Peace” Digital Art

Marc Anthony Mendez

The Resoluce Of The Winged Being

Fly with me. Fly with me. There are bigger and better things, just as far as the eye can see. That feeling of freedom is the feeling of glee, wouldn’t you agree? That the euphoria of living alee can get you singing loudly like Teena Marie. Deja-Vu, I’ve been here before, yet no, I know there is so much more. We can move, we can push, we can get out of this boring chore from this heinous self-started war because my divinity beloved you are made to adore so we can start dancing together out on the floor! Let’s open the door, to create new lore, planning ahead,
going ahead, good possibilities are in store!

The moment you were born, you learned to move, afterwards you learned to use the power of movement to crawl, your family, ever so proud, they want to dress you in a shawl! More forward thinking happened, you began to walk! Walking on and on for miles you never stop! The power of moving forward, always blows another top. The exhilaration of walking flows through your veins as you unwittingly started running! Moving not only forward and onward, but only towards the best that is coming. You reached flight, you started jumping! From then on all of that exercise made your creativity pumping as your imagination runs wild to show off the most stunting! Ye, take heed, not everything is smooth and simple. There are obstacles, temptations, most of that is ripple. Tis hard, tis cruel, and the difficulty can leave your soul horrendously cripple.

However, if you are truly brave, even in the face of fear, you would believe in yourself to continue moving forward, just as you ordered. In truth, we all fall, hit a wall, and even think small. Yet, when you push on no matter what, you shall feel stronger when you begin to stand tall. Weirdly enough, moving forward correlates with creativity. For movement is the foundation
of all activity so it’s best to believe in positive possibility. For you need not be told what you should be, you are a creator of your world with your own mind, body, and consciousness. You may not always know what your next step could be, you may falter, fall, and even feel defeated.

Yet, always remember, as your sheath to the weapon you wield, you always move forward, that is the power of you!

Marc Anthony Mendez God is Love
Marc Anthony Mendez “God is Love”

Stay tuned for more divine art and poetry next week. Thank you all who have contributed.

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