A communication shift: Icons on t-shirts

Last week Jocelyn Eastman, Board member for the Art of Autism posted on The Art of Autism Facebook page about Iconspeak, an innovative company that is making a difference in world travel. Jocelyn was astute in her observation that this company can make a big difference for the autistic community as well.

Iconspeak touts t-shirts for traveling in foreign countries when you don’t know the language. They sell t-shirts and other products with icons you can point to in order to communicate. Don’t we always talk about autism is wrong-planet syndrome? Icons have been used as ways to help autistic people with limited verbal ability.


Besides t-shirts they also offer handbags and visors.

This article was inspired by an article on the website Bored Panda.


The Art of Autism is featuring articles in their new section The Autism Shift about how autism is helping us shift our perceptions of the world.

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