The Autism Shift

“My candle burns brighter because it stands next to yours.” -Keri Bowers, co-founder

What is the Autism Shift?

The Autism Shift is a space and place to share about current events, and the people, places and things we care about in autism. We support a meaningful shift away from harmful dialogue and media messages that create discord, to create a platform for productive conversations and outcomes. While autistic people are always at the center of the discussion, we also support the voices and experiences of circles of support in autism.

How do our core beliefs effect our own experiences and that of others?

The Autism Shift begins with our core attitudes and beliefs. We begin by becoming conscious of our thoughts, words, and actions. We become aware how our own prejudices and fears effect others.

How Do we Accomplish the Autism Shift?

The Autism Shift brings individuals and organizations together for the purpose of creating opportunities for autistic individuals by raising awareness, educating and forging business relationships that will allow for the basis of autistic entrepreneurship through the arts.

In this spirit, we have brought autistic entrepreneurs into decision-making positions in our organization, shifting our own perspective of entrepreneurship.

Why is collaboration important to the Autism Shift?

The Art of Autism believes in the power of art, the power of autistic people, and the power of collaboration among like-minded entities to create a shift in our collective consciousness. Through the arts we can delve into our individual and societal perceptions about autism and the value that we place on autistic people. We believe through the talent and differential perspectives that autistic people possess, we can create a place that elevates global discourse and allows for a common purpose for the betterment of support and opportunity for autistic people and those who are in their lives.

The collaborative efforts we seek are those that will allow us to create sustainable products, services and programming for those on the spectrum who wish to work with The Art of Autism. Many autistic individuals advocate for themselves and others daily, sometimes at great personal cost, while nothing is given in return for their contributions to the world. We seek to begin changing this trend.

Where Does The Shift Begin?

The Autism Shift begins with anyone who is reading our mission statement who believes in the value of autistic individuals and who believes that the autistic individual should be at the center of the discussion. It continues when the word autism does not inspire fear, hatred or anger, but true introspection of how we treat those who are different from ourselves.

In taking the final steps of collaborating with the Art of Autism, it means you believe quality art, writing, music and advocacy should be appropriately compensated. The Art of Autism is a 501c3 nonprofit. Contributions to the Art of Autism will go towards compensation for our bloggers and artists. We have not been able to compensate them in the past. You can be part of the Shift!

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Artwork on the front page of The Art of Autism for the Autism Shift is Moontain. Visit him on FB – 



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