Winning Entries of the Finding Your Inner MozArt Art Contest

Dylan Somberg "Blue Jazz"
Dylan Somberg "Blue Jazz"

The Art of Autism and Mainly Mozart nonprofits thank all who submitted their art to the Finding Your Inner MozArt art contest. Mainly Mozart is providing $1,700 of prize money to the 1st through 3rd place winners of this contest. The winning entries will be available for auction at the Mozart & The Mind Showcase gala on April 11 at Oceanside Museum.

We would like to thank professional artist Will Weston and Director Emeritus of the San Diego Museum of Modern Art Hugh Davies for their judging comments and expertise. The theme of this year’s art contest was music and/or synesthesia.

Here are the winners by category with judge’s comments.

Category: Digital Art

First Place – Angela Weddle “Receptor”

Angela Weddle "Receptor"
Angela Weddle “Receptor”

The abstract painterly qualities in this image catch both the feeling of sound and the content of a landscape. The title provides a clue suggesting the artist experiences the world this way, and the non-traditional landscape doesn’t have a particular focal point. The eye wanders over a painting that has an overall field effect provided equally by shapes represented and the paint handling that effectively conveys the energy of varied musical sounds. Everything is nicely balanced to provide a satisfying viewing experience.

Second Place – WenOfZen “Seeing Sounds”

WenofZen "Seeing Sounds"
Wen of Zen “Seeing Sounds”

The layering of a graphic abstraction over a slightly diffused, ambiguous portrait with a mysterious focused eye creates the impression of something elegant, constant and perceptive in the subject of the portrait. It could be thoughts or musical sounds, but overall the piece suggests the subjects internal experience through the viewers experience of looking. The image is mysterious and subtly beautiful while conveying a matter-of-fact representation of the artists condition as described in the artists statement.

Third Place – Dylan Somberg “Blue Jazz”

Dylan Somberg "Blue Jazz"
Dylan Somberg “Blue Jazz”

Blue Jazz is elegant graphically, and evokes the feeling of period album covers or posters from the jazz age and the bright blue line work conveys the joyful feeling present in jazz music itself. Both impressions are held nicely in balance, and create a poetic but energetic viewing experience. It’s a clean, polished image that provides viewers a visual reminder of a musical form, its time period, and the feeling it conveyed.

Category: Fine Art

First Place – Madison Cahill, “Throwback”

Madison Cahill
Madison Cahill “Throwback” 15 x 12

Marvelously intense depictions of couples interacting, each figure defined by color and touching one another. Dramatic utilization of synesthesia and strong statement by a very promising and accomplished artist.

Second Place – Sydney Edmond, “Music and Dance”

Sydney Edmond Music & Dance
Sydney Edmond “Music & Dance” Watercolor 24 x 18″

Sensitive application of pointillist technique and rich palette to portray Victoria and Albert dancing in a cloud of musical color.

Third Place – Carl Parker, “The Train Station”

Carl Parker Train Station
Carl Parker “Train Station” Acrylic on Canvas 22 x 28″

Empathetic and evocative depiction of a figure alone in a train station. Vivid use of color and strong rendering of the interior of the train station.

Honorable mentions:

Pamela Urfer, “The Voice of Angels”

Pamela Urfer "The Voice of Angels"
Pamela Urfer “The Voice of Angels” 10 x 12″

Joel Anderson, “MozArt: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

Joel Anderson MozArt: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Joel Anderson “MozArt: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” Acrylic Photographed 24 x 20″

Jeremy Sicile-Kira, “The Beautiful Colors of Justice“

Jeremy Sicile-Kira The Beautiful Colors of Justice
Jeremy Sicile-Kira “The Beautiful Colors of Justice” Acrylic on Wood Panel 11 x 14″

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