Poetry and Art for Peace 2017 – 3rd Installment #peaceday

Jace King Peace

Autism Sonata

by Neena Wagh

A world viewed with squinted eyes
different sounds howling in the ears
spinning and swirling like a derwish,
laughing at me, laughing with me,
a mystery waiting to be unfold,
catch me..catch me if you can,

breathless, I am caught unaware!
making sense of things beyond me,
oh! what is it that you want to say,
sometimes I get a glimpse of divinity,
I see your soul through your eyes,
I see a long streched road ahead,

I take my steps gingerly,
watching the milestones passing by
in slow motion,
how far have we reached,
how far we have to go,
hold my hands, my son,
for I need your strength and wisdom,
you are my elixir amidst the toxicity
in the ever-increasing chaos of the world
you are my angel of peace


Peace be with you!

By Sarah Stup, with Rachel Marini, job coach

Peace is quiet.
Peace is loving thoughts.
Peace is opening.
Peace is wide.
Peace is not yesterday or tomorrow.
Peace is not weak or powerful.
Peace kills and discovers together at one instant.
Peace is more more and less less.
Peace is richness, but not money.
Peace is for each person different.
But for us, it is with Him.


The Music of Horses

by Kimberly R. Dixon 3/99

Casting off my worries and fears,
I ride with the wind.
Swelling with pride, I hold my self up high
Reaching out to create a moment in time.
Sweet sounds of nature fill my ears
And my nostrils drink in fragrances of spring.

Visions of beauty surround me
As I race through the fields.
Thoughts of love and peace Dance through my mind.
Dreaming I am a young princess I gallop away to my castle.


I have some things to submit from my daughter Evie Toovey, who writes frequently since finding her voice via RPM. She is a BIG fan of bringing Love & Peace Into the world.
This short acrostic poem & conversation is about finding joy; captivating awe to creating peace & love within ~ where it all begins❤


brought to you by Evie Scuffy Toovey & her letterboard!

= “A.W.E!!” = : Are
Excited? ? ?”

= “P.E.A.C.E “=: People Loving Without Conditions
Erroneous Growth Of Spirit Without Peace
Again Remembering What Unites Humanity
Can We Grow Intentions, Please!?!
Enlighten Us O’God, Show Us The Way.



Q/ What dose ‘AWE’ & peace mean?

Evie: To love myself! To make much more love in your life! Most magnificent makes mindful, so making awe in your mind is the most important thing we have!

Q/ Do you have anything else to say about that?

Evie: So awe can make your life rich. You have a responsibility to awe so we can have it in our life. To have love

Q/ Any advice on how to access awe & peace? Where can one find it?

Evie: Perceptual… So perception roses! Mastering perception is decision, so making decision on your story! Body has our Temple, Temple is a sacred place. A love for self initiates great history! It is your choice.

Q/ But how? What do you mean by that?

Evie: Talk to myself to bring greatness to life! By reminding myself to experience. By being mindful. Kiss have my heart, my heart is loving! My ecstatic heart brings meaning to me!



Art Piece by Athena Holmer

Art piece means peace in the world and nature around us. The black is all the wrong in the world and have to just focus on the good in the world. To bring peace and happiness into the world. This drawing makes me happy.


Art Ism

by Damien Lee Jones

This poem was supposed to be about my children who were diagnosed with autism and the difficulties of my denial. The doctors also mentioned that these traits may be genetic. I see myself in my sons, and as I look back on my life, I wonder if I too am autistic. The poem turned out to be a celebration of the artistic talents my sons have been gifted with despite autism.

The Bible is poetry.
Church is theatre
Congregations are audiances
Worship is choreography
Fellowship is filmmaking
Sermon is song
Choir is chorus
Prayer is publishing
Lord is Master


Kristen Lynn Iannuzzelli, Artist

Summer Peace
Summer Peace


Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on September 21st. Established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, it was declared that this be a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

For more information about International Day of Peace ~ or World Peace Day ~ visit the United Nations Peace Day web page. On their website, you will find wonderful activities that you and your children can participate in to support this important initiative. A great skill builder opportunity, by participating in activities directed toward peace with our children, we build into our narrative, a world of positivity and possibility which springs hope eternal.

Visit this page for more about the Art of Autism 2017 Poetry and Art for Peace Project.

Compiled by Keri Bowers with poetry by Neena Wagh, Sarah Stup w/ Rachel Marini, Kimberly R. Dixon w/ art, Evie Scuffy Toovey, Damien Lee Jones, and art by Jace King, Athena Holmer, and Kristen Lynn Iannuzzelli.

Look for our next installment of Poems and Art for Peace on World Peace Day, September 21, 2017.

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