Autistic Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg: This is Only the Beginning

Today, September 21, is International Day of Peace. The United Nations focus this year is on climate action.

The Art of Autism is posting autistic teen activist Greta Thunberg’s speech yesterday on climate justice. Yesterday Greta lead millions of protestors around the world demanding leaders take urgent steps to stop climate change. This Monday, world leaders will be in New York City for the Climate Action Summit.

The Art of Autism’s fourth annual Poetry and Art for Peace initiative focuses on climate action. See all art and poetry posts here. The Art of Autism is inspired by Greta Thunberg who is leading the world on the most important issue of our time.

3 replies on “Autistic Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg: This is Only the Beginning”
  1. This a terrible story. A painful story. A story of deceit and manipulation and lies. The story of the creation of a poster child for government and institutional thief of public money, and taxes. And the threat to wellbeing of children and the innocence.

    This young woman is deceived and manipulated by her handlers. Money — a great deal of money is being made by those in control of this bit of theatrics.

    The ‘mate crimes’ going on here is because of her naivete, her autism and a system that is driving for a specific economy, which really excludes developing nations and ushers in Energy Socialism.
    And all those government players — world-wide — are in it for as large a share as possible from $4,000,000,000,000, yes, that’s 4 trillion dollars annually from carbon taxes. And the increased cost of doing business, increased fuel prices, electricity prices, food prices… in this highly propagandized climate paradigm we all find ourselves in… Greta’s ignorance of what is really happening to the climate is both pitiful and a shame to autism, and to Greta in the end. And it is not fully her fault. I am both angry and I feel sorry for her being misled.
    Greta has illusions of grandeur, and if she is autistic like me, then she has been lonely, and socially awkward, and now this public attention is like a drug to her.

    To make a long story short, a cold Solar Cycle 24 — the coldest in 200 years — a possible Maunder Minimum, if not a LIA (Little Ice Age) is placing the planet in a position of decreased solar activity, a pole reversal on the sun, and increased weather regionally and a influx of Cosmic rays; a shorten growing season in many Northern areas — all of which is moving the earth into a cooler climate.

    And in fact, we are in a Co2 deficit. The planet could easily use 800 ppmv of Co2 presently. Co2 does not effect temperature — it lags it, and the only reason Carbon is used as a culprit is because it can be traced to humans. Therefore it can be taxed and controlled.

    I as, an Asperger’s person, have studied the weather, climate and the Sun for well on twenty years. I have been obsessive about that learning and know that this situation is a disgrace to autism and Asperger’s people. I can see from the patterns of climate science (sic), which is mainly based on ideas and data manipulation; climate models; economics and the politics of globalism where this heading us too.

    Weather is not climate. That’s a fact…

    The climate on other planets in the solar system is changing as well. Greater storms on Jupiter. Venus and Mars are experiencing climatic changes.

    Greta Thunberg is being manipulated by her environmentalist parents, shame on them; the UN; the media; and an ignorant consensus that does not know what it is talking about — this is a highly political subject and more than likely will be the focus of the next election in the US, and I consider this very low of those who manipulate Greta — as environmentalism is closer to a cult; a religion, rather than the real science.

    Greta, spouts lies and disinformation and untruths about weather data, in the end, she is headed for a great fall or deep disillusionment.

    For anyone who cares about truth

    …or what the real science is, that knowledge that can be gained by the study of the subject in hand, intently.

    The website What’sUpWithThat (WUWT) — which is a valuable resource for information, science and links to the truth, and may service as a starting point.

  2. says: Denise Nobs

    I don’t think that this is a day we should have been proud of as a community. It was very evident that Miss Thunberg was used for political reasons. We as a community assist each other in minimizing our fears and dread, not exploiting them. If you look at her life, this poor kid has threatened suicide, has had eating issues, etc. Her parents have a producer that exploited this young lady and I think it borders on abuse. Since when is it acceptable for a child from a socialist country to tell us how to live and to yell at leaders of nations? This is not how I like to see our community represented.

  3. says: Denise M Nobs

    Totally in agreement! This is not how our community should be represented – we should minimize our fears and come up with positive solutions for our supposed ‘crises’. As a SPED teacher, I would be fired if I allowed my student to focus on her fears to where she was angry and acting out. Redirect, redirect, redirect. Let’s focus our attentions on how our community is being positive!

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