The Art of Autism’s Third Annual Art & Poems for Peace Initiative

Michael Sardoni "Dove"
Michael Sardoni "Dove"

“The Dove of Peace, more than anything that’s something this world needs, peace. He is flying through the city at night in front of a billboard that shows the earth holding a banner reading “Peace”. I love to draw. I think it’s because it calms me down. For whatever reason I always like to have something in my hands also.” Michael Sardoni  (Michael Sardoni has the header image of the dove)

Maranda Russell “A Soft Place to Land”

International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on the 21st of September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

We invite you to join us in recognition of the human spirit’s desire for internal and external peace. The compilation art images and poetry were submitted to the Art of Autism over the past several months. We asked our participants to share their world-view of peace-themed art and poetry. Please comment upon, share, and like their efforts on behalf of peace. 

Here belong, their peaceful hearts & souls…

Haider Zalloum "People's Hearts"
Haider Zalloum “People’s Hearts”

A Gardenful

by Peter Tran

My mom and I in springtime can be found
When sunshine dispels the winter’s cold
And softens the soil which we till and fold
Scattering seed in the black, fertile ground

Before you know it, summer’s rolled round
The seeds explode and the vine grows bold
The harvest matures in red, green, and gold
As sugar snaps, pumpkin, and beets abound

From whence comes this burst of contenders for life?
The gourds swell up and the fruit trees flower

My dad cuts a basketful with his knife                                                  
And makes of succulent squash a great tower.
Through the exuberance of green, growing strife
Runs silently nature’s magical power

Look for AoA’s upcoming interview in September with Peter Tran, who self-published “My World as a Poem”, perspectives in poetry from a young man with autism who types to communicate (2017) available on Amazon.  


by Anthony Brown ~ with supported typing by Mary Ann Harrington

Peace is a state of bliss 

Discord absent, so it seems

Joy within, joy without open places

clambering for shared ideals.  


Bursting forth melding dreams 

Beauty streaming forth

From hearts willing to share

determined to care 


Heartfelt beings expanding now.  

Setting the stage for benevolence to unfold

Who we are meant to be. Replacing strife with abundant life.  



by Linish Balan with Love & Peace

Linish Balan - Onatah
Linish Balan – Onatah


Linish Balan "Red Balloon"
Linish Balan “Red Balloon”


Onatah was searching 
That shape, her passion
Message for her
From God…


In the fire pit in the sky
On the ground, on the leaves
Searching for that shape
But not even one, there was


Beat fast, her heart
Disappeared, God’s message
She ran towards the lake
For stones in that shape.


She met him, on the way
A clown, sitting on a bench
“Hello”, he said
But she was in a hurry.


Each stone on the lake shore
She checked
But not even one, there was
She cried, she cried, she cried


Back home, she walked slowly
The bench was empty
But a red colour on the bench
That shape, message for her 

Peace Out

by Valerie Spencer-Byrd

Ronaldo Byrd "Peace Palms"
Ronaldo Byrd “Peace Palms”


Turned off that mindless chitter chatter

I’m laying in my bed

Thinking about today, yet forging straight ahead


Envisioning myself in places where I’ve never been

And climbing up that mountaintop

Again, and again, and again


The world is at my fingertips

I hold my destiny in my hands

I see the vast blue waters

And the green stretch of glorious land


I see the people laughing

And joy is all around

As I hold the whole world in my palms

And the peaceful calm abounds


Marshfield Memories

By Scott Lentine

Today is a beautiful day on the beach
There are plenty of people and dogs to see
The water is warm and the sky is bright
And seeing some people flying a kite

I am having a fun time with cousins and friends
Hoping that this day will never end
The ocean and sands are comfortable and feel so right
Taking a walk towards Brant Rock in the strong sunlight

Now it is the evening of the third of July
Watching the amazing fireworks from the seawall go by
Talking with family about the latest moments of the day
And meeting some new friends along the way

It was a great time on the beach today
Reading a book and going into the ocean on a bright clear day
These are moments that I will remember for a long time
Being on the beach on a nice warm day is truly sublime


Keri Bowers "BowerBirds"
Keri Bowers “BowerBirds”


The Art of Autism is inspired by the many people in cities, communities, and villages worldwide that have engaged in the International Day of Peace in diverse and meaningful ways.

In addition to sharing your poetry, art, and peaceful intentions, here are some of the many Peace Day activities that have (and will continue) to take place across the globe: 

*Minute of silence at 12 noon (all time zones, September 21st) 

*Peace education events  

*Intercultural and interfaith dialogues  

*Workshops on the UN Peace Day theme  

*Meditation and prayer 

*Planting peace poles  

*Community gatherings  


*Concerts and festivals 

*Soccer/football matches in the spirit of peace  

*Service to others 

*Feasts for Peace  

*Writing peace poetry  


*Marches, parades and flag ceremonies  

*Public programs with government officials  

*Engaging youth in peace-building activities.

For more information on how to get involved in this global mission, contact


There’s still time to submit your Peaceful Poem and/or Art for the final installments of the Art of Autism’s Peace Project to be publishing during September. email

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