The Art of Autism’s 5th Annual Art & Poems for Peace Initiative 2020 – Series IV

Rainbow Mosho "Beauty of the Universe"
Rainbow Mosho "Beauty of the Universe"

Say My Name

Compiled and Curated by Keri Bowers, this is series is dedicated to Lady Liberty and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.

Martin Luther Jing, Jr

May liberty rise like a star-lit Phoenix to take and stand her ground to ensure the liberties of #ALLHUMANOIDS, that we awake to see the ‘morrow’s sunrise in its grateful possibilities; to breathe the fresh air of equality; to see diversity as healing in it’s perfect place of togetherness.

As she flies, sowing her nature to nurture nations of peoples she collaborates with her sister, Mother Earth, in the maternal uplifting of all men and women ~ and especially girls, women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and nieces; a family of women everywhere who meet one another in solidarity to heal that which time has never healed; that patriarchal systems of governance have failed to serve. #JusticeForAll ~Keri Bowers

Sage Lightheart "Misfire"
Sage Lightheart “Misfire”
Sage Lightheart "Wellspring"
Sage Lightheart “Wellspring”

Exploring the inner connections and outside interactions with a foot in both worlds.

#Bowerbirds Tree


by Sherin Mary Zachariah

Woods are lovely
Dark and deep
Wrote Robert Frost
A poet of fame.

Mist and rain feed
The trees on soil bed
Winds rock them
To sleep tight
With their hum.

Some reach out high
To the clouds
Murmuring the stories
Down on the ground.
While the thick vines
Hold the trees close
Like a girl crying;
Holding her mother.

Termites wear away
The old trunk
When branches are Dancing with flowers.
Where will the bird’s nest?
Where will the fruits grow?
Bees buzzing aimless
Their hive is no more.

No fledgling chirped
When the green roof fell
Down, flying to the ground.
Axe makes trees or not.

Deborah Kalantari "Untitled"
Deborah Kalantari “Untitled”

To Gather

by Danny Kentaro Whitty

What is my upper limit?
What can I tolerate?
What will it take
To survive
The hatred you produce?
The apathy you emit?
The cutthroat interests
That sway your ego?
How can I survive
When I am so lost
In the fray?
Only that in you
Which is true
Can turn
This tide.
That in you
Which is truly
Rooted in
Our common
To gather
Our future

Maranda Russell Art
Art by Maranda Russell


by Maranda Russell

I never knew
the place
I hold in your heart
would be put up
for rent.

Eviction notice
at my feet,
I box up my things,
leave the key,
and search the world
for shelter.

(Covid) and the current economic challenges are causing unrest and political strife. I believe that in order to have peace we need to make sure everyone is taken care of in this world.

Maranda Russell

Kelton Nix "Fight for Sustainability"
Kelton Nix “Fight for Sustainability”

We’re all in this together as we all face personal uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. Until then, #Peace

Kelton Nix

Kelton Nix "Peaceful Borders"
Kelton Nix “Peaceful Borders

Kelton Nix enjoys drawing with ink, pencils, and/or markers; likes hanging out with friends and family; working at a thrift store; bowling; watching movies; collecting keychains and bobble heads; and learning about animals, politics, and U.S. history. He currently has 15,222 keychains!

“This vantage gives grace to not just think about peace, but to live it mindfully in daily interactions…” Kelton NIx

Kelton Nix "United Peace"
Kelton Nix “United Peace”

Put Yourself Together
Important Words to Live By

By Gabby Ledesma

Have Faith in yourself. By keeping God first in your heart, listen to the encouraging words that are special to you.

Inclusion. I prefer to be included in Social settings with family and friends.

You can treat me the way I want to be treated. Talk to me the way you want me to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.

I Believe in myself, that I am a hard-working student. I bring Peace in today’s world and though my art. Hope without Faith is not possible, and hope leads to happiness. Love is a gift from God, Jesus brought Love to Life.

Being Independent has taught me that I can take care of myself even in hard times. I can make my own meals when I am hungry. That I can be who I want to be. Advocacy is having a voice for me and others. I stand for my Art and Advocacy Installation.

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice.” MLK JR.

Gabby Ledesma Love Hope Peace Faith
Gabby Ledesma “Love Hope Peace Faith”


by Gabby Ledesma

Every morning and night, I dream about color

Colors are bright and wild

My visions are clear,

I love to create new art

I talk with God every day he is helping me find my way

God and I are the best of friends

I have this special connection with God in me

God gave everyone a calling

Families grow and branch out

Many generations grow and grow

God gave me Hope this year, he also Respects me

He looked into my heart and forgave me

God gave me some important words, like Faith, Peace, Love, and Trust

He wants me to show my amazing Art talents to everyone

I am a Kind, Sweet, Caring, Loving person to know.

God said to me this morning, put Respect and Trust in your life.

This is my story, so please understand that I am Unique and an Artist.

I have two messages about what God said to me this year, “Put Yourself Together”, and “Faith over Fear.”

God is the Light of my life. Amen

***Please… Respect me and all people with Disabilities. Thank You!

Danny Kentaro Whitty with letterboard
Danny Kentaro with letterboard

I am full of hopes and visions for a more just and peaceful world. As a minimally- and unreliably-speaking autistic, I share these hopes and visions by letterboard.

Our autistic experiences and perspectives offer important views on life and love. For me, I can say that my work can show others the wealth of compassion autistics feel despite the challenges we face.

I am Danny Kentaro Whitty.

Angela Weddle "Black Hole Sun"
Angela Weddle “Black Hole Sun”


by Danny Kentaro Whitty

run with angels.
They do not flood
our daily streets.
Yet they
crash and roar
all around the
hearts left

When will justice
Where do their
When will it stop?

When we are
and emboldened.
When we are
with the mission
to stand up
for what is right.
When we feel
those tears
as ours.

Martine Mussies
Martine Mussies

In order to critique current views of autism as a condition that renders the autistic as being more or less than human, I create pieces of ‘autiethnography’ – works by the autistic self, on the autistic self. My art, music and writing form a bridge between (neuro)psychological research and my lived experiences, both as a so-called “high-functioning” Aspergirl and in teaching piano to autistic children.

Martine Mussies

Art by Martine Mussies
My Church in which I am not only accepted but celebrated as an autistic and bisexual person. Martine Mussies
Nick Gustafson "Rainbow PeaceChameleon"
Nick Gustafson “Rainbow Peace Chameleon”

I am Enough; You are Enough; Together, We are Enough…

Art of Autism Peace Logo

The Art of Autism nonprofit is committed to sharing the creative art forms and works of vibrant, passionate creatives all over the world. For over a decade, we’ve watched our family of artists, creatives, followers and collaborators grow exponentially. Our #actuallyautistic blogs, educational content, projects, media, and other things we’ve done together have been.

Welcome new friends. To those just checking us out in our final Peace Series, we hope you’ll become a familiar voice on our website and Facebook Page. As of the printing, we have nearly 1.6 million unique views? on our website; we are honored by this engagement. Projects such as this, our Annual Art & Peace Project that provide an opportunity for artists and poets all over the world. Some submitted work as long as 6 months ago when the first call for art and poems 2020 went out. Brava to all who participated in this year’s Peace Project. We admire and appreciate you.

We feel your love as vibrations around the world.

Patricia Dy "Liberty"
Patricia Dy “Liberty”

Art is a passion, a part of my universe with which I can express with peace and love the vision of a world in which I exist.

Patricia Dy

Hidden Wings "What Peace Means"
Hidden Wings “What Peace Means”

Hidden Wings is nonprofit that unfurls the gifts of autism.

Jace King Art
Jace King Art

Header image: Rainbow Mosho “Beauty of the Universe”

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