A Virtual Exhibit: MozArt@OMA Gallery IV 2020

Kevin Hosseini Tango
Kevin Hossseini "Tango"

“Because the world needs ALL of its Mozarts.”

MozArt@OMA is a unique and inspiring exhibit of music and synesthesia-themed art that was scheduled to be showcased in April at Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA).  The gallery is now online on OMA’s website.  During the month of May, The Art of Autism is hosting a series of online exhibits featuring Southern California artists curated by the Art of Autism in partnership with the San Diego based nonprofit Mainly Mozart.

Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense is simultaneously and spontaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses. Sometimes synesthetes join objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or sounds. Many of the artists in this exhibit join color with emotions, attributes, and shapes to create their art.  This exhibit is part of Mozart & The Mind which explores the limitless potential of the human mind across all its manifestations “because the world needs to hear ALL of its Mozarts.”

This gallery features art works of Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Kaedyn Carmon, and Kevin Hosseini.  See our first gallery here.  See our second gallery here. See our third gallery here.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

The Beautiful Colors of Dave Matthews

About Jeremy

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

San Diego-based intuitive artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira is a synesthete – he sees and feels emotion as colors. Voices and music elicit colors as well. In 2012, Jeremy (who is autistic and communicates by typing) began to tell others about his dreams: dreams that he was painting the emotions of people into colorful abstract portraits. One night he dreamt that he painted ten of his paintings and had an art show. Jeremy was encouraged by his mother to make this dream come true, and began to paint in real life. In 2016 his first curated solo art show was covered by national and local media, resulting in a sold-out show and many private commissions.

Jeremy’s mission (when creating commissioned portraits) is to paint and describe what he sees as each person’s inner beauty and true self, so that they may realize how gifted they are, and that they hold the keys inside to overcome any challenges they face.

Jeremy writes detailed explanations that accompany his art.  To see these explanations visit this web page.

Kaedyn Carmon

Kaedyn Carmon "100 Moons"

About Kaedyn

Kaedyn Carmon

Kaedyn Carmon (San Diego) is a senior at San Diego Unified High School.

“I enjoy painting, digital art design, drawing, yoga, spirituality, animation, animals, nature, Bob Ross, Deviantart, Disney, Aliens, space, mythologies, astrology, astronomy, and gemstones and their healing properties.   As a little girl, my behavior was disrespectful and I don’t know what I was thinking when I was making not so smart decisions, so I kept moving to different schools because I wouldn’t learn and participate. Seven years ago, my step-mom took me for a diagnosis and I didn’t know I had autism and the rest of my family didn’t know either. I start realizing what I’ve done for years and I’ve been learning from my step-mom and she helps me a lot. My autism frustrates me but it helps me to explore my creativity and I was inspired by Temple Grandin.

My hope is to inspire others with my artwork. I may not like my condition but this is who I am.”

Kevin Hosseini


About Kevin


Kevin Hosseini (El Cajon) has been painting since he was nine years old.  Kevin sees objects as shapes and colors and is able to translate his sensibility to the canvas.  Kevin has developed and honed his visual style which has brought him a great amount of success as an artist. Kevin’s style is marked by painterly brush strokes in contrast to large areas of solid color. He loves to paint with rich vibrant colors and uses acrylic and oil paints which can gives his painting rich texture and depth.  Music is very important to Kevin.  He has a wide variety of musical influences.

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