MozArt@OMA Gallery III

Dane Capo The Beatles
Beatles, 10/13/15, 12:24 PM, 8C, 7944x10548 (480+780), 150%, Custom, 1/8 s, R74.7, G40.4, B51.2

“Because the world needs ALL of its Mozarts.”

MozArt@OMA is a unique and inspiring exhibit of music and synesthesia-themed art that was scheduled to be showcased in April at Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA).  The gallery is now online on OMA’s website.  During the month of May, The Art of Autism is hosting a series of online exhibits featuring Southern California artists curated by the Art of Autism in partnership with the San Diego based nonprofit Mainly Mozart.

Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense is simultaneously and spontaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses. Sometimes synesthetes join objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or sounds. Many of the artists in this exhibit join color with emotions, attributes, and shapes to create their art.  This exhibit is part of Mozart & The Mind which explores the limitless potential of the human mind across all its manifestations “because the world needs to hear ALL of its Mozarts.”

This gallery features art works of Joel Anderson, Dane Capo, Parker Franco, and Eileen Sobora.  See our first gallery hereSee our second gallery hereSee our fourth gallery here.

Joel Anderson

“My synesthesia comes and goes like the Northern Lights. When it is there, painting can be a very magical experience. I love that I can share the creation of God in my art. I bet Mozart felt the same with his music. “

About Joel

Joel Anderson headshot

Joel Anderson (Fallbrook) known as “The Artist of Smiles”  is an artist, author, international speaker and philanthropist. Joel’s interdisciplinary talents include: painting in Acrylic, mixed media, digital media, animation, and video production. Joel’s heart is to bring a smile to everyone who sees his work.

As a sought after keynote speaker, Joel is an international artist and ambassador with autism. He has spoken and shown his art in Peru, China, Canada, and across the United States. Joel describes what autism means to him, and encourages inclusion and friendship, sharing his belief that God has a purposeful plan for each of our lives. He has shared the stage and painted portraits of some of the greatest minds in the autism world.

Dane Capo

Dane Capo The Beatles

About Dane

Dane Capo

Dane Capo (Hermosa Beach) challenges began when he was diagnosed with epilepsy at 10 months old and were compounded when he was found to have autism at age five.  He began his education in Hermosa Beach Schools but his father’s career took the Capo family all over the world. Consequently, Dane’s schooling included classrooms in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Dane first started painting when he was studying art history and the Great Masters with one of his homeschool teachers, Amanda. Dane was quickly inspired to try and paint his own version of Matisse’s self portrait and the results were extraordinary. Dane’s talent and creativity were obvious and his passion grew and grew.

Today, after numerous art shows, media coverage, exhibits, meeting Ringo Starr and sharing his art, selling a painting to The Schwab Family, Dane continues to create more of his own masterpieces.

Eileen Sobora

Eileen Sobora "Smooth Jazz"

About Eileen

image1 (1)

Eileen Sobora (Glendale) has been creating art since she was 3 years old.

“Art helps me express myself and allows me to find my voice.  I believe everyone should be allowed to express themselves through the arts.  I enjoy listening to jazz music.  Music brings us together and helps us express ourselves through the many wonderful variations of musical genres.”

Parker Franco

Parker C. Franco Firebird for the Suite

About Parker


Parker (born in Oceanside now resides in Vista) has overcome medical challenges, including multiple brain tumors.  He developed a love of art and excelled in regular education classes with his chronological peers and his interest developed in animation and film.  Professor Douglas Durrant took a special interest in Parker and helped Parker realize his skills.  Before Professor Durrant passed on in 2015, he inspired Parker to “live as an artist” by drawing and painting every day.

In 2016, after attending several camps, Parker was accepted at the College Internship Program (CIP) in Long Beach, California.  Parker learned skills of independent living and continued studying art and film. He even sold some of his paintings and was a featured artist for CIP’s National Calendar.  He started an art studio at CIP.  During school breaks, he has participated in programs at Oceanside Museum of Art where he is a member.    Parker anticipates receiving a Certificate in Art and Film from Long Beach City College by the Summer of 2020.  Parker is now 25 years old,  plans to return home and looks forward to living as an artist as he  pursues his dreams.

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  1. says: Greg Jones

    Loved Joel Anderson’s film, MozArt: Ein Kliene Nachtmusik. The incremental build of the painted images along with the music is a delightful progression. Nice work, Joel, thank you!

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