More Than One Way to Fly

The poem, “More Than One Way to Fly,” I wrote in honor of my son, who is on the autism spectrum. The poem, which illustrates the relationship between a social Chickadee and a solitary Brown Creeper, is an appeal for neurotypicals to reach out to the marginalized.

By Tami Ullom

More Than One Way to Fly

Birds of a feather flock together Yes, the saying is true
Yet, the tale of the friendly Chickadee Reveals another point of view


The sound of the avian melody Drifts through the snow-chilled breeze As Charity and her fellow chickadees
Chirp “chicka-dee-dee” and settle atop the trees

The search for food has led them here To feed among the stately pine
The flock repeats their singsong call To proclaim “come and dine”

Chicka-dee-dee, a call of welcome To those both similar and unique Even the elusive creeper joins in Though quiet, gentle, and meek

Charity, the well-loved Chickadee The most popular of the treetop flock Hangs upside down upon the branch
To greet her new friend with cheerful bird talk

“Chicka-dee-dee, Chicka-dee-dee I’m glad you’ve joined our crew
With your singular focus and rare talents Our mixed flock is proud to include you

You may call me Charity
For to spread kindness is my aim Dear solitary friend
What is your name?”

“I go by Amon, the hidden one The master of disguise
I creep onward and upward
To find unexplored treasure on my rise

Once I’ve climbed one tree I fly down to explore the next
My flight path is limited While yours reaches a higher apex

I heard your call of welcome And I was filled with glee
For I don’t often get the opportunity To live in community”

“Well, Amon, the hidden You are hidden no more
For I see beauty in differences That others only ignore

My song may be more captivating My flight may be more spry
But you find riches none can find And there’s more than one way to fly”


So you see, dear reader We all have gifts to share
In keeping friendships unvaried We miss opportunities rare

Venture forth, dear friend Seek out others unlike you For the beauty of the rainbow Comes from a variety of hues

Tami Ullom

Tami Ullom’s mantra is Make it Count. Her book, More Than One Way to Fly, demonstrates the importance of befriending the more marginalized in society, such as those on the autism spectrum. If this book helps expand the horizons of just ONE person, it has accomplished its mission. If it serves as a small step on the path to achieving a society in which everyone’s talents and skills are appreciated and valued, it is a success.

Tami was born and raised in the Rocket City: Huntsville, Alabama. She earned a Master’s Certificate in Technical Communication and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. As a Communications Specialist and Technical Writer, she has been published in local newspapers and the Technical Communication journal. She enjoys staying active and spending time with her family, especially her husband, kids, and fur babies. #mustlovedogs
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