Don’t Let The Mask Slip

By Robbie Janzen

Autistic, aspie, neurodivergent
On one hand, I don’t want these words to define me
On the other hand, I know that they kind of do
Every thought, every action, is affected
By something I didn’t choose to be
When I first found out, I was ecstatic
I’m not uniquely screwed up, there are tons in the same boat
Unfortunately, we’re scattered randomly throughout daily life
I enjoy it a great deal when I can find one
But it’s not possible to interact with only them
Unless you want to stay isolated from most fun events
Almost everyone I encounter has their brains wired differently
Every day, I have to roll the dice over and over
Put on my normal person mask, and hope it doesn’t slip
Despite this, I feel people can still tell I’m different
Luckily, there are people who don’t care
And they’re what makes the effort worth it

Robbie Janzen is a history student at the University of Toronto. He likes loud music, sports, and The Simpsons.

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