Poetry: Ecstatic

S. Scott Sanderson

By S. Scott Sanderson

Sometimes I feel
A bubbling coming up
Inside me
It cannot be contained

When I was younger, I used to give in
I would dance, a happy dance
Limbs flailing wildly
Dancing back and forth
And in circles

Sometimes, I’d clap
Into the air
No reason needed
Just an unbridled enthusiasm

Of life

Sometimes I’d let out a high-pitched yell
But only when no one was around
Except maybe certain family members
Those that understand

I’d jump, and bounce
Off things,
And clap and stomp my feet

And then
I’d stop
No reason
Just ecstasy

S. Scott Sanderson
I grew up in Kentucky, proud to be a country boy from Appalachia. Now married and living in the sunshine of Florida with my wife and dog (queen of the house). I am a scholar with advanced degrees in Geography and Religion. My inspiration comes from the beauty and uniqueness in the world around me.

2 replies on “Poetry: Ecstatic”
  1. says: Ali

    Thank you for your poem! I remember that feeling. I like that you didn’t include the people telling you not too, you implied them. I regard my ability to still do such things – in appropriate places mostly e.g. festivals, concerts – as an autistic superpower! Despite my arthritis I still give it a go, though some younger NT friends gave up the ‘power to dance for joy’ as early as their 30s!

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