By S. Scott Sanderson

It’s terrible to feel like you are less than
That you are not the same, you know
Eccentric, maybe even crazy
That is ok
But then they label you as less than
That you do not like
Measuring up as short
Leaves you wondering why
God would make you different than
Those you wish you were like.

S. Scott Sanderson
I grew up in Kentucky, proud to be a country boy from Appalachia. Now married and living in the sunshine of Florida with my wife and dog (queen of the house). I am a scholar with advanced degrees in Geography and Religion. My inspiration comes from the beauty and uniqueness in the world around me.

4 replies on “Poetry: Less Than”
  1. says: Bev Fitzsimmonds

    Hello Scott! Your poem spoke to me. Thankyou. It spoke to me about any time we label anyone as Less Than, and how it feels. Subsequently, it spoke of the power of our words for good or evil, and the care we must take with firstly our heart attitude….from which our words come. Thankyou for that reminder. God bless. Bev

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