Joshua Perry leaves pro football – will focus on foundation

Joshua Perry has been inspired by his brother Jahred who is on the autism spectrum.

After six concussions Joshua Perry, the Seahawks linebacker, at age 24 has decided to leave football.

On the Today show this morning he talked about his career in football and his brother with Aspergers. Jahred Perry was diagnosed at age 9. In other interviews, Joshua has credited a strong family support system in helping Jahred.

About Jahred, Joshua says: “Jahred’s taught me a ton; how to face challenges, always keeping your head up and never taking no for an answer. People have told him ‘No, you can’t do that,’ or ‘No, you won’t be able to do that.’ And he’s said, ‘I’m going to do what I need to do.’ That’s something that I take from him.”

The Art of Autism is excited to see that his new foundation, the Joshua Perry Foundation, focuses on empowering young people.

The foundation’s website reads as follows.

“Who does the Foundation benefit?

Youth groups and individuals in the communities where I live, where I went to school and where I work (education, arts, athletics, developmental disabilities)
• Central Ohio – Columbus and surrounding area
• Delaware County – Olentangy Area (Galena, Lewis Center, Delaware) Indianapolis, IN”

We at the Art of Autism are excited to see a focus on Arts and Empowerment as part of this new foundation. The foundation’s mission is in alignment with the Art of Autism’s mission which is to empower autistic people and their families through the arts.

We wish Joshua Perry great luck with his future endeavors.

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