Jonathan: Witty, articulate, creative, cartoon-y, insightful, introspective, cinephile, pop culture enthusiast #Autistic

Autism Unveiled Week 3


When asked about what he feels about his autism, Jonathan replies:
“I’m the sane one in a world gone mad!” and his mantra is “I’m unique. I’m a geek. Cool!”


I am a professional voice actor and my character voices are in apps, toys, SIMCITY, children’s and YA audio books, and throughout California’s Great America Theme Park. I do their show intros, in park announcements, Halloween Haunt, and rides like their Gold Striker. I love to perform for kids, too and Geek Club Books’ Dorktales Storytime gives me a chance to entertain and make them laugh.

My autism allows me to have great focus and the ability to see things at a level of detail and depth most others can’t. I think it’s what makes me good at acting. I understand my characters way beyond the surface and that comes through in my performance. It’s interesting…I can’t remember people’s names or street names, yet I have an eidetic memory and can recall everything else about a person or place even years later.

Jonathan Murphy, California

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Jonathan Murphy is part of the six-week advocacy project Autism Unveiled Project commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

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  • Hi Jonathan — thanks for sharing your story here! It’s so great that you have used your skills in theater and acting to bring joy to others. You mentioned that you have an eidetic memory, and I was wondering what are some of your favorite places to visit?

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