Healing art: from singing bowls to painting chakras

By Steve Selpal

After learning about my particular cancer diagnosis, I was fortunate to have a special experience with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Three women practitioners of Bowls were present helping me to meditate and concentrate on healing.

Steve Selpal Singing Bowls

This is the technique that was used, where I was laying on a thin plastic yoga mat and directed verbally to breathe, relax and let my mind go blank, without thoughts of any kind entering my mind. This is not meant to replace or conflict with modern medicine or have any claims to cancer cures or cure for any ills. The bowls have an octave range in music notation. My visualizations in deep meditation happened from this stimulus.

Below are new works of art that have begun to appear since early October 2016 through the present. In my humble opinion, I strongly feel that the eastern religions have a clearer understanding of human phenomena pertaining to meditation and visualizations. I would never had imagined that I would be painting like this at any time in my life and I had been painting both prior and after my degree in Fine Art BFA, earned at Kent State University, graduation date, Spring Quarter, 1979.

Steve Selpal Chakra
Steve Selpal Chakra
Steve Selpal Chakra 3
Steve Selpal Chakra 4Steve Selpal Chakra 5Steve Selpal Chakra 6Steve Selpal Chakra 7

The title of this journey is 10/16/2016, which is the painting’s date. These seven elements represent the seven chakras which are part of the human body experience since we have basically seven energy zones, plus more, I won’t argue that, and I am not an expert in chakra science or lore or any-thing of the kind. I learn all the time and keep an open mind in order to learn more from my visionary experiences that are leading me to paint this way. Currently there are eight sets of this type of chakra journey, and there will be more.

My Oncologist said, “I do not disqualify divine intervention.” He does not attest stage number cancer, such as stage 4, or predict months or years to live at all.

This has been a sincere spiritual experience, through the singing bowls. All my life I have studied world faiths with open mind, through the study of art history and the study of mankinds’ journey in time.

Steve Selpal Peshawar Buddha
Steve Selpal “Peshawar Buddha source with Chakras,” 20X48, 3 elements of 20X16.

Steve Selpal is a professional artist diagnosed with Aspergers. Steve is interested in selling his art. You can find him on FB – www.facebook.com/StevoArtist or email sselpal@earthlink.net

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  1. says: Cheryl

    Hi there Stephen, you say “…I strongly feel that the eastern religions have a clearer understanding of human phenomena pertaining to meditation and visualizations.” Unfortunately I’ve heard of people having bad experiences with ‘eastern’ forms of meditation too, e.g. it can open the mind up to demonic influences. I’m a Christian and you’ll find that praying and entrusting situations to God is a helpful way to de-stress, e.g. praying that God will guide the doctors involved in your situation. Jesus Christ, God the Son, is the ‘Great Physician’ and He understands and can help too. God who made all things has the greatest understanding of our needs. I hope this is helpful to you. PS have a look at this critique of meditation:
    Buddhism and Hinduism say the material world is an illusion, which really flies in the face of reality.

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