My favorite Power Ranger Billy is like Me!

Brent with Power Rangers

Billy was my favorite Power Ranger and I love that they chose him to be on the autism spectrum in this movie.

By Brent Anderson

Go, Go, Power Rangers! I saw the Power Rangers movie last weekend and I loved it. I have been a Power Rangers fan since it came out in 1993. Growing up, I watched the show on a regular basis, owned all of the Zord toys, and even dressed up as the Black Ranger for Halloween in 3rd grade.

I was the Black Ranger

Although the TV show went through some changes through the years, I remained a fan. I was very excited that they were releasing a new movie. One of the things I really loved about this movie is the fact that Billy, the Blue Ranger, is on the autism spectrum. I read about the fact that Billy is autistic before I saw the movie, but I didn’t really know what to expect. His behavior in the movie is exactly like me!! He doesn’t understand humor and sarcasm, he lines up his colored pencils in a particular order (like I did with my markers at school), and he remembers everything. They also show Billy being bullied and teased in school, which is also something I experienced.

When I was younger, Billy was my favorite Power Ranger and I love that they chose him to be on the autism spectrum in this movie. I am very pleased that the movie introduces characters who are all struggling to fit in. Acceptance of people regardless of race, religion, disability, and sexuality is very important in today’s society. I hope that this movie will improve understanding and acceptance of people’s differences.
Here is a link to the article I read about Billy.

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Brent Anderson is an entrepreneur with autism, humor aficionado, and inspirational speaker who has inspired the book series Unintentional Humor.

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