Synesthete Jeremy Sicile-Kira: Why I paint New Year Dreams

Jeremy painting

San Diego-based intuitive artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira is a synesthete – he sees emotion in color. In this blog he shares his New Year dreams and paintings.

By Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Truly greatly I love making new year paintings, like people like making resolutions: dearly it is a chance for new beginnings and a fresh start. Truly kindly I love seeing the changes ahead and giving people nice hope for a great year.

Nicely Here is my dream for this year:

The Beautiful and Bright Colors of the New Year 2018

Jeremy Sicile Kira 2018 New Year painting

Greatly truly I have high hopes for the new year represented by white. There will be a radical turn of events for the better represented by turquoise. Greatly there is purple for the new leadership roles needed to be had by many for nice change to happen. Truly I greatly saw the rise of many women empowered. Frankly red is present for the anxiety and sadness some people will feel during just a short time of doubt, but truly there will be calmness after the storm represented by green. Truly greatly everyone feels happiness for the new year and a chance for new beginnings represented by yellow. Truly a bright yellow green is present for the genuine happiness people will feel when positive change occurs. Pink is for the love and kindness that we need to spread; greatly we all need to be showing love and doing acts of kindness. Orange is present for the bright future we can have as a society if we truly justly work together. With certainty we all need to believe that there is good in this world. Frankly we should forget our differences and truly kindly be kind to everyone represented by lavender. Really we all have the power to make change represented by blue like the sky. Greatly indigo is present for the knowledge that will impact a great change in all of our lives. Truly treat others as we wish to be treated. Truly greatly gold and silver represent the great power above always looking over us.

Here is last year’s dream for 2017:

The Happy Hope of the New Year 2017

Jeremy Sicile Kira 2017 New Year's Painting

Truly I dreamt I painted the colors of the New Year. I frankly dreamt that our nation believed it was time for power frankly not inclusive of people like my family, Rebecca and I. Truly the shift is temporary. Really love will overcome. Greatly there is pink truly for the love people will show when they come together to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Greatly purple represents the leadership to be had and learned by our new president. Truly he will learn how to be a president to everyone. Justly there is red for the anxiety lots of people feel because they’re not sure about the new president, but there is white for the hope of him being a justly nice president. Truly we need to believe he has some good in him like everyone else has. Truly there is nice green for mighty calmness that people will feel when they see the good the president can do. Gold and silver is there to guide from above.

In 2012, Jeremy Sicile-Kira (who is autistic and communicates by typing) began to tell others about his dreams: dreams that he was painting the emotions of people into colorful abstract portraits. One night he dreamt that he painted ten of his paintings and had an art show. Jeremy was encouraged to make this dream come true, and began to paint in real life. In 2016 his first curated solo art show was covered by national and local media, resulting in a sold-out show and many private commissions. Visit for more information.

Jeremy’s art will be on display at Sophie’s Kensington Gallery in San Diego with the Art of Autism‘s exhibit Diverse Perspectives for the month of April.

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