A Poem About My Friend Theo

Scott Lentine and Theo

My Friend Theo

By Scott Lentine

He jumps for joy when you open the door

Very happy and delighted to see you

Doing a happy dance on the floor

And enjoying getting hugs too

He loves looking out the windows

Hoping to see other dogs and humans as well

He gets a thrill out of playing various games

Wanting to get in on all of the action

He enjoys nice long walks on the beach

Meeting some new friends along the path

He loves catching the ball that is thrown to him

And especially enjoys being rewarded with wonderful treats

He is constantly keeping his eye out for human foods

Hoping they will land in his vicinity

Wanting to get every last drop of the eats

Clamoring to have these delicious treats

Scott Lentine and Theo

Scott Lentine resides in Billerica, MA, a Boston suburb. he graduated from Merrimack College magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies with a Biology minor. You can follow his blog at http://scottlentine.wordpress.com/.

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