Vision for Peace

“Vision” By Silas M. González
Silas Gonzlez "Vision"
Emy Spinks "Purple House"
Emy Spinks “Purple House”

Poems and pieces of art received for our 4th Annual PEACE Initiative has us abundantly grateful. We are thankfully in awe of our contributors, readers, and the dedicated Art of Autism volunteers who keep us in action for projects such as this. Your emails, images, poetry, and other creative communications are an ACTIVE ACTION towards moving our World Forward in Peace. We are humbled by the response.

Beyond appreciation, there are no finer words to continue the opening of this thread of our Peace series than these, excerpts from an email we received from Evie’s momma-bear-manager, Kristy Toovey.

Non-speaking, Evie uses a communication board, her voice for now, to express what vocalization does not. Her poetry is hauntingly beautiful, expressing outward and inner wisdom to which we could all listen louder. Wisdom has no boundaries! Truth cannot be silenced.

Blessings and Peace, Kristy and Evie ~ and especially too, thank you people all over the world actively striving for peace, acting in peace, and challenging us all to find peace in our world.

“Dear Art of Autism:

Evie (Eve) was SUPER excited of this year’s topic. We are excited to see a collective energy of art contributed towards current times ~ such an importance! Deepest Thank you for all the works you do.

‘Managing in a Hurtful World’ was written earlier this year. It does fit in the theme of this year’s project too, so thought we would add it here – maybe others (will) feel her words and they may assist them in finding peace within too. From there, the first steps to creating the world we all wanting & longing for begins.

‘Earth Speaks’ is a poem/piece that Eve created earlier this year that we thought may fit? She wants her works ‘out there’ as far as we can ripple it for all of the world to hear the message, It’s in honour of our current state of Earth’s affairs to make the reader really open their eyes & think.

What do you think?

Much love and appreciation.

Kristy & Eve Toovey”

Diane Bernstein Huntington Gardens
Diane Bernstein “Huntington Gardens”


By Earth & Eve Toovey, written and spoken with her letter board – for now.

Nostalgia enchants her song.
LISTEN to her gentle heart astonished

“Don’t you see my love and love me?
I last extinction after extinction, each one I survived.
I am epigenetically endangered
more and more by each generational emissions
and sediments in toxic sprays!

I love man, but you’re seeing, and being, and are DOING
Is seemingly in a lack of vision.
Blindly YOU SAVAGE by bad hesitations and your elaborate ways

Hesitate and procrastinate time does NOT wait,
Neither can I resuscitate. I die, so do you!
May learning in my words
Timely take oracle,
So we can design, love and weave anew threads.
NO MORE resistance in studentship
May you legal streams of consciousness LISTEN
To start ‘love of life’ again.

STAND, do NOT sit and wait there.
NO MORE TIME, NO sell INSANE STORY of stones. Stones are stoning you too!
You are antagonizing
And throwing harm like stoning to death.

Your delegating interest in money
As a tree and COME TALK WITH ME.

“I hold ALL answers.
“A lie is a lie,
To turn and camouflage HORROR SHOW and
HAND OF MAN cutting Earth’s hair is sad song.

Lets sparkles of HER BEAUTY BE.
DOOMED is the day she camouflages her green grace
To hide her golden heart from man.
Only monster PEST ENDANGERS every other earthling!

NO decent story in CONTORTION,
in stealing Earth’s precious grace so roads can be built.
It’s a lie to stay interested
IN ONLY ONE SIDE OF the story, of HELL for animal’s
and MASS MASSACRE of trees and only see ‘need’ of

‘HUMANITY’ and sabotaging every other earthling
they are sentient beings too!
HEAR the Sonophication of Earth hurting,
her love STUNNED by her stones,
her life,
Earth’s story penetrating her MERCY IN OUR HEARTS!

Retrophiliac "Inclusion Cat"
Retrophiliac “Inclusion Cat”

Peace Is An Inside Job

By Cindy LeBow

When I let myself know
The deepest truth,
Then it’s simple (not easy).
Not the clichet “Peace Begins Within” ~
But the truth;
Peace begins within me.

Each sultry inhale,
Of the exhalation.
Or every tree,
Takes me home (really home).
To the Sacred Place,
Where I am one.
With you.

I surrender.
I am surrounded.
There is no battle.
When all there is, is me.
How could there be?

I see the light of Divinity.
In your eyes.
You are my mirror Truly),
There is no other.

Patrick Janes "House of Good Fortune"
Patrick Janes “House of Good Fortune”

Mommy Look at Me

Athena Maria with Maria Iliou

Impromptu acting scenes
Sharing her emotional moments
In music class
I rock to quarter notes
I am gifted…amazing musician
My hands playing drum…drumming
To the Beat of the sounds
One, two, three, four
Mommy look at me
I playing and strumming the guitar
Recollections of my…video documentary

Art drama class
Acting new scenes
Mommy look at me
I driving the sail boat on calm water
Natural experiences within my inner self
Inspirational footage
Touches my heart of soul

I open box, received a camera
Amazing photo of
Me that no one see
Yet they are blinded
Within my autism
Be observing…quietude
I photograph water scene of nature
Blending colors within lovely sunset, powerful
Beaming light on the rippers waters

In corner of my mind
I stand strong
In my own power as
I am… extraordinary photographer
Professor teaches me…mommy
Observer attending photographic, art displayed
Focusing on my gifts of wisdom
Reading autistic artist words of
Story teller…expression
Narrator faithful poet
In corner of my mind

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Mommy look at me in mirror
You see reflection of my true self, be observer
Meditating…sending intent of connected energy
Visualizing the storyline of
My true soul
Self portrait of capturing
My feelings…joyful
Blessings of eternal love

Angela Weddle "Heart Energy"
Angela Weddle “Heart Energy”


By Michael Goltz

She stands there
Like an angel from Heaven
At the setting of a Glorious day in the most beautiful English garden
Like a reflection that can only come from Heaven.

Her face is exquisite
Flawlessly Filled with Grace,
Beauty and Strength
A gentle smile
Allowing a glimpse
Into the inner beauty of her soul
And her happiness
To be in such a resplendent moment.

The sunsets lightly
On her luxurious obsidian mane
Setting like a fire
On the beautiful plumes
As if to say
Ah, I’ve finally found a place
Worthy of my warmth and beauty.

The glow of the setting sun
Dances effortlessly across
Her porcelain skin
Caressing her Magnificent and Perfect form
Wrapping her in Love
Bringing delight
To the eye.

Her long black dress
Settles gently
On her statuesque figure
Draping her in elegance
Only befitting
Such a glorious creature
It is a sight
Worthy of an artist’s Masterpiece.

I look up from my camera
Overcome by splendor
Held captive by the moment
Not wanting to take my eyes off
This blessing from Heaven.

I love you.

Keri Bowers "Peace Puppets"
Keri Bowers “Peace Puppets for a Recycled World”

There Starts a Freedom

By Linish Balan

Where the fear ends
There starts the freedom
There starts the love
There starts the peace

We live in fears
Fear to loose
Fear to lose
Fear to be sad

Be brave to let go
Be brave to fail
Be brave to cry
Fear will start to fade

Feel your wings of freedom
To fly in the peaceful sky
Feel your heart of love
To live peacefully

Carolyn Buddha "Buddha"
Carolyn Wagner (Art teacher, CITE School, “Buddha”

Managing in a Wicked Hurtful World

By Evie Toovey

Grounding in oracle of life source.
I see galloping our future legacy.
I hear the inside of Earths magnificent call.
Really am aiming myself
Not to be so deeply affected by human and listen to Earth,
She stays loving threw it all.
I hope to be more like her, stronger than cold.
Stamina of gold & understated love for us all to behold.
In times of hassled,
Not oscillating the map of love by others doing;
I gently, intentionally, instantly in tune and ask her.
Do you genocide ahead or do we change?
How would you have me deliver this message?
I am a star seed fallen to Earth to help her and human.
Last time I was here I made great change and this time I will too.
I always do and so can you, so levitating friend I fall at your door at the greatness of us all.

I am so in love, in you.
You speed anew;
I love to beat an awakened you.
I gallop in a field of thrones and mast love real blue.
I lead hands naked in Earth, LOVE connects LOVE!
Love has and is all we need to survive.
Love has man and Earth begging.
Deciding not to be in a sad place.
Deciding to FEEL* in,
To where, I want to be.
I am enabling peace and deciding to be;
In recognition;
Deciding to be in what;
& deciding in HOW
I want to be in this life is living to the preciousness of life’s gifts.
I emanate love for my life and CALL IN MY LOVE!

This planet is so needing love to open our hearts up again.
Need’s verse want’s become clear establishments threw our hearts
When rising to shining love in our darkness*
And BEing OPEN to move
Into questioning,
Into our ways!
It is loving intention we open up;
Into what needs to be found;
Into what mastery we have
And in to what we hide behind.
IN to questioning our ways!

Stagnant in sameness
Of man’s napping
Eerie is her oscillating in a lost planet
Of mankind.

I ignite my heart;
Embodying echoes of Earth’s;
Seeds under my love;
My calling,
My mission.
Earth is my insistent master, her love I emanate.
Her worldly mute voice I hear and love,
her voice longs to be heard.
So I shall emanate in her honour.
For I have been silent and screaming
For a decade in God’s grace.
Pleading for my voice,
I was granted and beam light language into each hour ahead.
My eagle love watches
In astonishment and awe.
Ninjaing life
Beyond limits of one’s mind.
Needless to say, YOU can too!
Master the demon that is so besotted in each of you.
I hand you ignited beams of love
To anew
& plant seeds
To mediate ‘I love you.’
Eons of Earth’s energy to saturate you.

-Created by Evie via her letter board her voice for now

Keri Bowers recycle plastic paint pen
Keri Bowers “Recycle plastic paint pen”

With Much P E A C E, Love, Keri Bowers

In winding down our blog series for 2019’s Peace Initiative, I sit in the gratitude of compiling this series for 4 years running. I am especially graced by collaborating on this project with my friend and colleague, Debra Muzikar. For more than a decade of friendship, I thank you, Debra, from the bottom of my ARTS.

Compiling this Project for Peace takes several months of going back and forth with artists, autists, and support folks during the submission process. Our team Projects often live and breathe behind the veil of computer screens and cyber space. We appreciate you sharing this with your friends and family.

We hope that you are modeling peace in everyday life with your family, friends and community ~ especially when hurt, anger, frustration, or resentment has you wanting to meet such reflections with equal or greater ill-peace.

Make art when tempted to forget peace while continuing to share Peace-Filled art and poems with us all year-long!

Vivian Zou Yu Chen
Vivian Zou Yu Chen, 2017 Peace Pals Contest Winner

Join the World-Wide Network of Peace Makers

The power of the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, lies in its capacity to bring people of various cultures, faith traditions and political ideals together as one united global heart and mind. May Peace Prevail On Earth, allows us to sincerely focus on our mutual desire to serve, create and manifest true peace on earth while transcending our differences and celebrating our common humanity.

The May Peace Prevail On Earth movement is a grassroots global movement to inspire, and re-awaken the inherit consciousness of love, peace and harmony which exists in everyone of us. It is a movement to bring inner peace of mind and to foster peace in the world at large.

Check out Peace Pals

Peace Pals International is a program which promotes the universal message of peace, May Peace Prevail On Earth as a simple, universal expression to unite the hearts of all people in our common desire for peace on Earth. By nurturing inner peace and global awareness in the leaders of tomorrow, Peace Pals will help create a future in which peace and harmony become a way of life.

Check out Peace Pals Art Contest

Peace Pals International Arts Exhibition and Awards has been an annual highlight activity of the Peace Pals program since 1997. It is known as one of the most prominent global arts contest for young people. With youth ages 5 through 16, participating from over 100 countries around the globe.

Peace Pals fosters understanding and respect for the diversity and oneness of the human family and the natural world through its various and creative activities.


Ted Hinman
Ted Hinman “Statue of Liberty II”
Ted Hinman "Zen Stones"
Ted Hinman “Zen Stones”

Header image: “Vision” By Silas M. González

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