Mark Noble: Painter of Light

Mark Noble Ocean

By Mark Noble

I think as an artist who has autism and also dyslexia I have faced many boundaries some unintentional others not so. This has been problem most of my life from childhood to adulthood but nowadays it’s a lot better understood. People are coming around to the idea that these disabilities are real. When I was in university in the UK the teachers would not accept that my disabilities were real.

I use my art as a window or doorway to show showcase my art to a much bigger audience.

Here is some of my art.

Mark Noble Snow Scene
Art by Mark Noble

The painting above of a snowy scene is a metaphor for the pathway through the journey of life.

Mark Noble
Art by Mark Noble

In the year 2001 I had to leave my job to take care of my two children. I went back to college in Street in Somerset United Kingdom. The school gave me a set of tests which came back as a diagnosis of severely dyslexic and also autistic. This explained my behavior. Painting came very easily to me while at the University.

Mark Noble art
Mark Noble art

I have a specialist help from learning support workers at Bath Spa in the city of Bath. The art modules themselves went very well. Only a small number of the staff didn’t except that autism and dyslexia were not real. I let my heart do the talking.

Art by Mark Noble
Art by Mark Noble

The most important thing is to use art as a visual language. Art can break down most barriers in society.

Mark Noble Art

I was commissioned by the UK government to celebrate the 40th anniversary of disability rights.

To see more of my art visit

Mark Noble

Mark Noble – Painter of Light

After a difficult time at school, and nearly 20 years working in a local plastics factory, Mark Noble set out to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Inspired by the work of Turner he hoped to be able to express the mystical, dream-like, and sublime, through delicate attention to the commonplace or overlooked, expressing the emotional and cognitive realities of the inner life as suggested by the beauty and transience of nature.

Now on the other side of his studies, Mark has exhibited works across the UK and Europe, most recently in Prague, and has received interest from as far afield as South America. He is currently working to establish a teaching and mentoring programme which he hopes will give him the opportunity to encourage those who, like him, have creative dreams yet to be fully realised.

Mark has recently completed a residency with the CREATE:SPACE pop-up gallery and community, and a solo exhibition at the Starlight Gallery featuring a series of paintings and prints expressing the astonishing wonder of the Cosmos. He is currently dividing his time between teaching, working on private commissions, and developing new work.

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  1. says: Joanne

    Beautiful work Mark. Very inspiring.
    My 16 year old daughter from Melbourne, Australia is also an artist. She has autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia, and is face blind. But nothing stops her amazing artistic mind and creativity. It’s a tough road to travel. Follow your talents and dreams.

    1. says: Mark Noble

      Hello and thank for your correspondence it’s great to hear from you you and and enjoy art and to love art in all its forms and all its diversity why you see a painting emotion and feeling again it’s kind of you you look forward to hearing from you yours sincerely Mark fine artist

  2. says: Sandra Marshall

    Your work is beautiful full of life and light. The light that always changes, develops and creates. I will share I will buy thank you for your contributions.

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