Blake Zucker: Why making Ceramic Pottery is my Preferred Art Form

Blake Zucker Pottery

By Blake Zucker

I create functional ceramics. The beauty to me is using each bud vase, bowls, yunomi, mugs and teapots. I enjoy the useful quality of my works along with form and function. I make each to last and be enjoyed daily, especially my mugs.

Blake Zucker Pottery
Blake Zucker “Pottery”

My pottery is made on a pottery wheel, the spinning movement is soothing. While pulling up the clay there’s a manipulative force and creative energy that allows me a sense of freedom. Clay has a forgiving quality that’s appreciated with a flexibility that most materials don’t offer.

Blake Zucker

My forms have contemporary, clean, modern lines. Sometimes I add organic material to clay for different effects or slip trails leaving lines within the clay. Mostly my vision is within the firing techniques.

Depending on the kiln fire that’s how I choose which glaze will be a complementary fit for the form and function of the pot.

Wedging clay is a pure physical movement and fierce energy, this is satisfying in itself. Thinking of what I will be making, I slap the clay on the wheel. While centering the clay I give thought to what I will be making.

Most often my hands feel each earthy clay body and the minerals. I work with over a dozen clays depending which kiln fire or how large the piece will be.

Blake Zucker

There are many steps in ceramics; each a process I enjoy.

How does art help with communication?

At times my work conveys a message to others.

I look forward to participating in shows that are local and my works are a perfect fit. My friends and family are able to attend,I like the positive vibe.

When I exhibit out of town I greatly enjoy traveling and am inspired the newness of this experience. I get a jazzed-up vibrational inner feel and creative light turned on in my soul. Knowing there is a showing in a larger city like New York or Hollywood helps my creative flow, entering my studio I have a burst of energy.

Blake Zucker

When I’m unable to sort out my feelings and thoughts my work can express emotions, helping me move forward and bring a balance in life.

Many times my works are a profound voice when I have difficulty speaking.

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