Autistic Artist’s Metal Art Connects Her to Nature

By April Griffin

My metal art is usually focused on syngery of life in the forest.

April Griffin Northern Lights

I love nature and I connect to it better than people. It is my spiritual side. I was born protecting the flowers and trees.

April Griffin Bear
Metal Art by April Griffin

Now I worry for bears. For humans.

I am an Ethnobiologist at heart. I was in societies but I am too broke to pay my dues atm. I was more worried about transitioning in lockdowns. I worried about my families mental health first. I baked a lot of sour dough.

As a citizen scientist still studying I was worried about climate change and the fact 1 million species are going extinct. This is what my bipolar Autistic mind is usually on. With climate change will come more viruses as the ice melts. I’m a climate change refugee already. We told the world the fish are dying in 1996. These things are all connected. I believe we are all connected. To each other. To earth. To all life on earth.

I wear a mask to metal art. Its pretty serious. This is what is on my mind and in my art now.

April Griffin Saw Blades

When I do the saw blades I am disarming them with art.

I most often paint and carve nature into the metal. I like to carve soapstone too. I art in many mediums. I need art to breathe. To stay strong. It keeps me going. I’m trying to get my mind back on studying Autism in school. I’m jumping between artwork, my pandemic garden and school. I miss my family so much.

April Griffin Metal Art

During pandemics remember to check on each other. In Saskatchewan Canada we played ” Wine Ninja”. The females dressed like Ninjas and dropped wine off for other women unseen.

I was taught that if one does not have a social conscience they are not an Artist. I have used my career in the Arts to raise attention to Autistic needs and Awesomeness. I search my soul when I do my art and writing. I’m never sure what will come out of the void. Art flows out of me and is only limited by how much time I have to do that. I write and art at the same time.

For what it is worth I am a loud woman and I try to use my art and writing to change the world one day at a time. To save trees. Bear habitat. To connect to my history. To beg all Nations and all races to join together and love each other. To love each other enough to fight for our children and their future. I consider this a war. Its not like other wars. Love is the only way to save us all. Love and science ❤.

April Griffin

I am an Autistic Artist from Canada. I am deeply rooted to Newfoundland. A place we call The Rock. I love to paint Northern Lights and Polar Bears. I want to give a big thank you to the Art of Autism and Apple 🍎 Computers for hooking me up with an IPad and Apple pencil. I used it to make art for people just to make them happy during these dark times in history. I have Elders who use oral history in Fluer De Lys Newfoundland.

My ancestors are Griffins, Tobins, Lewis, Stuckless, Dempsey and Walsh. We are a mixed family that lives each other and always did that. They prepared me for recessions and pandemics when teaching me to adult. They teach us about history. Real history.

I am a student doing a Psychology program. I’m in the Anthropology program too. Right now I am obsessed with the Indian Act in Newfoundland. We never joined Canada until 1949. Its a long story. Thats where my art is going with the recent metal art. Its gone to Newfoundland. Its gone home and I am in Saskatchewan wondering why I am here without my tribe.

Its been hard to focus between that and science denial everywhere. I’m training to be a scientist so this hurts me. Please wear a mask, wash hands and physically distance 6.5 feet apart like Doctors beg us. I’m staying home and doing art. Thank you to the Nurses, Doctors, Cleaners, and front line of essential workers keeping the food supply steady. Saskatchewans Farmers are the world’s bread basket. We will not let the world down.

Please avoid viruses. Stay safe. Love your neighbors. From a distance. #Blacklivesmatter #Indigenouslivesmatter #LGBTQ2Livesmatter

April Griffin Metal Art

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