Jason: college graduate, actor, artist, radio DJ; a.k.a. “Captain Retro”, #Autistic

Autism Unveiled Week 6

Jason DJ shirt for 97.3 The Rock

In Hollywood, Autism has been defined by Rainman, I Am Sam, and various brainiacs in The Big Bang Theory. Autism has a greater range than a narrow slice of Hollywood. Autism is multi-faceted and has many layers. I am multi-faceted. I have many layers. I am High-Functioning Autistic. I see and experience the world a little differently but I can feel, comprehend and think like anyone else.

Autism doesn’t limit me. In many ways, it has enhanced me. From a young age, I have been fascinated with roads, highways, traveling, populations and maps. I’ve always been interested in going to new places, having new experiences and expanding the knowledge of what I know. Over the years I have seen, read and memorized many things from TV, movies, books, popular musical groups, singers and more than a hundred popular rock and roll songs.

Jason Cantu "Strange Trip"
Jason Cantu “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” Jason is known for his maps. He was hospitalized last year and almost lost his life. This is a map of his trip to UCLA where he was hospitalized

I’ve also had some struggles. I’ve had speech difficulties, trouble making and keeping friends, recognizing faces and accepting constructive criticism. But just like any challenge, I do my best to handle each one and overcome any obstacle in my way. Muhammed Ali once said, “Impossible is nothing.” And I am inclined to agree. The only limits in the world are the ones in your own mind . . . Don’t restrict yourself, express yourself and always be kind and do good things for others.

My College Graduation Picture
My College Graduation Picture

Jason Cantu, AKA Captain Retro, California


This is an audio clip of Jason (a.k.a., “Captain Retro”) March 20, during his debut radio show on 97.3 FM “The Rock” which can also be heard via live streaming Fridays from 12 -1 PST (on vacation 4/3) online on their website:

Comment from Shawn, Jason’s mom: We don’t think about “Autism” much anymore. We have both agreed that if a cure were to be discovered, we’d likely be skeptical and hesitant to jump on board since life has been rather grand, despite of it—or—possibly because of it? The main thing I want to say is that I have been so blessed by Jason’s presence in my life and that we have been so blessed by sooo many Earth Angels that have stepped up to the plate to offer assistance on his behalf. It has made me a firm believer in Divine Order, with one thing leading to the other and adding up to make for a successful and joyous life. Jason graduated High School with honors and then went on to achieve two Associate’s degrees – one Gen Ed and one in Broadcast Communications where he was very successful as an online radio DJ, “Captain Retro”!

Jason nearly lost his life last August. We didn’t realize he had been building up to Congenitive Heart Failure for what must have been years. He and I both agree that even though it was a tremendously serious ordeal—that it was in Divine Order that it happened exactly as it did for it ended up being the best case scenario on all levels, under the circumstances. I stayed with him the whole time and we went through it together, full of love and gratitude, every step of the way. We meditated to Oprah & Deepak’s online meditation series on the theme of “Happiness” and we attribute his healing, a great deal to that as well. Here is a photograph of Jason at UCLA.

Jason with Healing Angel Dog
Jason with Healing Angel Dog

Jason has a defibulator/pacemaker implant. When he got back from UCLA ordeal, a gal he works with at the library said, “Jason, you’re looking so good! do you feel as good as you look?! and he said, “Yup! and I’ve got a brand new defibulator to prove it!!”

Jason Cantu "Heart Math"
Jason Cantu “Heart Map”

Jason has such an amazing attitude at all times. He is a true inspiration to me and all who know him.

Jason is part of the Autism Unveiled Project. Six weeks of posts by people on the autism spectrum ending on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

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  1. says: Cheri Frost

    It was an excellent post I enjoyed it it too. Though I knew most of it because Jason is my beloved Cousin and I am very proud of him.

  2. says: Sequoia

    Glad to see all this former classmate of mine has accomplished. He had to endure way more crap than he deserved in school (though mostly for lack of understanding by his peers). Glad to see he’s doing so well these days despite the hospital trip.

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