J.A. Tan Shares His New Art Series Titled “Work in Progress”

J.A. Tan Work in Progress #2
J.A. Tan Work in Progress #2

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, J.A. Tan is sharing these new works with viewers of the Art of Autism.

By J.A. Tan

“Work in Progress” series, 2022

I am working on this series that shows the many differences between and among people and the environment. I use different shapes to represent these differences. The different sizes and colors of these shapes also show the tug and pull of the world on individuals and how they respond to these situations they find themselves in. In fact, even the world where man finds himself in is different wherever you are and however you see it.

The first in the series shows a couple, different from each other traveling together towards a bright horizon. But, although together, the different shapes they are painted with shows they negotiate the path differently.

J.A. Tan Work in Progress #1
J.A. Tan Work in Progress #1

And along the way, in the second image “Work in Progress #2”, they meet up with another individual and while they hold hands and walk together, they do so in their own way – they listen to the music within themselves and respond to it the best way they can.

J.A. Tan Work in Progress #2
J.A. Tan Work in Progress #2

Until…in the third image “Work in Progress #3” somehow the world they negotiate finds some meaning and order.

J.A. Tan “Work in Progress #3”

But, again, the order is based on how they see the world and respond to it. But the bright colors show that there is hope and peace among the differences within and between people and the world.

J.A. Tan Work in Progress #4
J.A. Tan “Work in Progress #4”

As an autistic artist, I show the viewer that we all live in the same world but I may see it differently and respond according to how I see and understand it. But we are all this same world traveling towards that same bright horizon we seek for ourselves.

J.A. Tan

J.A. Tan is a Filipino-Canadian Visual Artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jose Antonio “J.A.” Tan moved from the Philippines in 2006 and attended Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2010. Since then he has been working as a visual artist in Vancouver, mounting solo shows and doing group shows in Vancouver, Canada, California, New York, Miami, London, U.K., Beijing, China, and Manila, Philippines. He has also been commissioned to create works for offices and residences in Vancouver and Manila. Visit his website artofjatan.com

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