How not to make this Thanksgiving a #Turkeyacolypse

The holiday season can be a stressful time. Routines are broken and expectations are high. While for some people the homemade smell of a cooking turkey and stuffing can be inviting, for others with sensitivities to smells the aroma can be nauseating!

Here are a few articles that others may find helpful:

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker “Insights from an Autistic Woman on How to Deal with Holiday Stressors

Stefanie Sacks "Sensory Hell"
Stefanie Sacks “Sensory Hell”

How to Manage Sensory Overload during the Holidays

The Mighty posted an article about 25 truths parents of special needs children wish others understood this Thanksgiving.


Readers may also like 17 tips to make Thanksgiving more comfortable for autistic children.

One of the great suggestions is don’t expect your child to change their routine because you are changing yours!

For all who read The Art of Autism blogs, I wish you a wonderful stress-free Thanksgiving!


Above is Terah Kuykendall’s mixed media piece titled “Family.”

Art work by Christy Walk as the featured image on this blog.

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