Peter Chambers and his amazing African wildlife photography

Eighteen-year old one of two photographers in the world allowed to photograph white lions in their natural habitat.

By Debra Muzikar

Aussie Peter Chambers, who is only 18 years old and has a diploma in professional photography, recently returned from a trip to South Africa . He is one of only two photographers in the world to have been given a special dispensation to photograph white lions in their natural habitat..  The opportunity was offered by the Global White Lion Protection Trust (GWLT). With less than 300 white lions remaining in the world, they are a protected species who are endangered.

Lion, Perth Zoo
Lion, Perth Zoo

Peter was chosen because of the caliber of his talent.

Peter was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 14 and has been homeschooled since. “Photography has enabled him to complete his education with significance, because it is something he is good at,” Peter’s mom Judith says.  Peter’s dad is also a photographer. Judith  was surprised and delighted when Peter received an invitation to South Africa. His trip was financed through a crowdfunding campaign.

He took all his images from within a vehicle. “”I hated being in a vehicle because there was a whole wilderness to walk around in but no-one was allowed to do that.”

Elephant Panorma, Kruger Park, South Africa
Elephant Panorama, Kruger Park, South Africa

About his autism he says “People are interested in how autism effects someone, but they should focus on the person themselves and their personality, not mainly on their difference.”

leopard, Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, South Africa
leopard, Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, South Africa

Peter’s mom Judith shares a story about his trip. “Peter was able to take a photo of a giraffe with a snare around its neck so the conservation park manager could determine what to do. This helped the manager be confident the snare was working its way loose, and the giraffe would not need to be darted, hence avoiding further danger to the animal, and also the need to call out a vet, which would be costly.”

baboon, Perth Zoo, Australia
baboon, Perth Zoo, Australia

To purchase Peter’s photography visit his website.

Photograph of Peter Chambers taken by his dad, Nic Chambers.







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