3 Poems About Being Autistic


By Dianne Loyet

3 poems about being autistic.

1. Please

i keep the world’s chaos at bay
by classifying and quantifying its minutia
seven times i hear "cross street with caution vehicles may not stop"
two steps i take across one square of sidewalk
i am captain kirk keeping the sky in place
by noticing all of these things
and making sure they stay the same
you are the enemy of order
trying to tear down the sky
when you act differently
because you say "hey" instead of "good morning"
maybe my key will not work in the lock
because you hung your jacket on the wrong hook
maybe something will go wrong with my computer
only two feet from the wrinkle
that you ironed into the fabric of the universe
please observe the order of the universe please stop being chaotic please

2. Goals

Goals stay
Just out of reach
In a wild game of tag,
And they taunt me, for always I
Am it

3. Stuck

Competing priorities chase their tails
In my stomach
Spinning a vortex of anxiety


Dianne Loyet Bio

I am a 57-year-old woman diagnosed with autism at the age of 48. I live in Illinois, where I have spent most of my life, but I have also lived in California, Ohio, and New Jersey. Until 2018 I taught academic writing to non-native speakers of English, but now I am a freelance writer. I have been trying to capture my inner life in poetry since my teenage years.

4 replies on “3 Poems About Being Autistic”
  1. says: Pip Strachan

    Loved these so much. I can really relate to the middle one – Goals.
    Thanks for providing such wonderful insight,
    Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

  2. says: Gwynnie LaChance

    Hello Diane~

    I really enjoyed reading your beauty-full poems. I can relate so much to them as a 59 year old woman who was assessed 5 years ago. Life is easier knowing I’m on the autism spectrum but it still challenges me as I navigate through this NT whirld! Your poems made me giggle and reflect as I related to all of the chaos and order and misunderstandings you wrote about. I hope you continue writing and creating such needed poetry. Thank you for sharing!

    1. says: Autumn

      Beautiful poetry you capture your life very well and I relate – I’m also the same age as you, was diagnosed the same year as you and have always had a love for expressing myself in poetry and even won a poetry contest when I was young 🙂

      I enjoyed it very much and think you should definitely keep it up – it helps me when I read things like this 🙂

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