Darcy Reed: Weather Vane and other Poems for the Environment

Darcy Reed

By Darcy Reed

Worlds Beyond Reach

There once was a sunset
without particulate matter.
The seas weren’t blue with plastic.
The sky wasn’t white with chemtrails.
Birds knew when the weather changed.
Trees knew how not to die.
Animals weren’t so extinct then,
or not so fast.
The world as it was:
beautiful jewel,
wonderful world.


The flower droops alone in the forest, but it is not alone.
The sky is only one, but it is not alone.
The moon seems alone, but it is not
The trees look separate, but they are not.
All are connected in movement of energy
like rivers of water flowing in the spaces between things:
invisible, over, under, within and without
everywhere there is life.
The separation of matter does not matter
when you know you are not alone.

Dance of Shiva

The tethers of your soul
do not belong in outer space
with the thin air
of your misconceived plans.
The soil is dry
and full of toxins.
Turn it over in your ravaged hands.
You have the power right here.

Earth is not lost yet.
Pull your heads out of your asses
and take it to the streets,
before they, too,
crumble into toxic dust
beneath your ignorant feet.
The rat under Shiva’s foot
is your heart.
It can heal.

Weather Vane

Wind of dust covers the earth
like pesticide residue
on bewildered stalks of wheat.
There will be weather to weather,
like a Jupiter cyclone.
Our climate has new ideas,
new patterns.
There will be no more politics
eventually, only air patterns,
ice and wind: new extinctions,
blowing in over the last
melting iceberg.
Dear Mother Earth,
sleep now.
Another day will come.

Darcy Reed

Darcy Reed is an historical heiress to Denver’s golden era of poetry. Her poetry emerges from the sharp satirical activist’s indictment of all human foibles, to the cosmic and universal truths uniting the nuances of our condition, exposing it to the greater spiritual realm.

Darcy began composing poems at the age of six. She is a non-speaking person with autism who uses augmentative communication to write and present her poems. Darcy debuted as a performing poet at the 2016 world-wide event 100,000 Poets for Change, appearing again the following year. She was a featured reader at the 29th and 30th Annual Colorado Poetry Rodeo in 2017 and 2018, and a featured reader at Ziggie’s Blues Bar.

The poems above are from Darcy’s book Dream On.

The Art of Autism’s fourth annual International Poems and Art for Peace addresses the United Nation’s 2019 focus on Climate Action for Change.

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