24 Black Autistic People You May Want to Know About

Armani Williams Autism Nascar

In wrapping up our series for Black History Month, The Art of Autism board compiled a list of 24 Black Autistic People you may want to know about.

1. Anita Cameron

Anita is one of the original disability rights activitists in the United States. She worked on the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Read more about Anita on her blog Musings of an Angry, Black Womyn.

2. Angela Weddle

Angela Weddle
Angela Weddle

Angela is an acccomplished artist and an Art of Autism board member. See her art here.

3. Dr. Sarai Pahla

Dr. Pahla is an MD and a freelance medical translator who was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa. See her youtube talk on autism and girls below.

4. Dr. Angel Durr

Dr. Durr is an Ethical Data Strategist and Analytical Scientist, Founder & CEO of DataReady DFW. Visit her linkedin profile here.

5. Burnett Grant

Burnett is a Senior Lab Technician of Flabor Essences at ZoomEssence, Inc., a Neurodiversity Advocate at NDGifts whose mission is to build a social network that focuses on inclusion and neurodiversity in the work place.

6. Bernard Grant

Bernard Grant

Bernard is a PhD Candidate in English, Associate Fiction Editor at Tahoma Literary Review, Researcher and Writer at Grit & Flow, Neurodiversity Advocate at NDGiFTS. His website is here.

7. Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen is an artist who draws detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate impressions of cities, skylines and street scenes after having only observed them briefly. His nickname is the “Human camera.” Visit his website here.

8. Tyla Grant

Tyla is a neurodiversity advocate and host of the One Percent podcast.

9. Lauren-Rochelle Fernandez

Lauren Rochelle Fernandez

Lauren is an Autism, ADHD & Mental Health activist, advocate, ambassador. Founder of Mask Off. Mask Off strives to empower, educate and destigmatise neurodiversity and mental health, with the aim to highlight racial and gender disparities and inequalities faced by service users and their families.

10. Marcus Boyd

Marcus is a master music producer and composer. Visit his Soundcloud page here.

11. Jade Logan (Joy Chaos)

Jade is a freelance, comic artist. Visit her website here.

12. Elise Nicole Bowen

Elise is a music composer. Listen on Spotify.

13. Asiatu Lawoyin


Asiatu is a personal coach and empath. Her website is here.

14. Kayla Smith

Kayla is a Black Autistic Disability Rights Advocate and creator of #AutisticBlackPride. Follow her on her youtube channel.

15. Kris Young

Kris is a writer and has the blog site Black Neuroqueer Punk.

16. Jackie Pilgrim

Jackie is on the Board of NAMI and speaks and writes about the intersectionality between race and disability.

17. Armani Williams

Armani Williams Autism Nascar

Armani is a Detroit-based professional Nascar race driver. Read more about him here.

18. Morénike Giwa Onaiwu

Morénike is an Advocate, Public Speaker, Writer, Educator, and Researcher. Visit her website.

19. Michael Fuller

At a young age Michael could download music in his head. He could play Mozart by ear at age 11.

20. Melissa Simmons

Melissa is a campaigner on Autism and Neurodiversity and intersections with race and faith. She is the founder of MisTÂûght and the creator of Black History Month for Dummies & White Teachers. Follow her on Twitter.

21. Lamar Hardwick

Lamar Hardwick

Lamar known as the Autism Pastor is a disability advocate, pastor, and an author. Follow him on his website.

22. Kambel Smith

Kambel Smith is an artist who is known for his complex architectural pieces. This year alone Kambel has sculpted the Sydney Opera House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh, the New York Flatiron Building, and an 11-foot Chrysler Building.

23. Ronaldo Byrd

Ronaldo Byrd "A Train Submission"

Ronaldo is New York based artist known for his vibrant portraits. Follow Ronaldo on his website.

24. Ikea ‘Syance’ Wilson

Syance is a talented artist and musician who is a synesthete. She is known for her unique detailed art. See her works on this website.

We hope you comment below others we should know. Follow Autistics of Color on The Art of Autism website.


  • Awesome Post!!!

    While it is fantastic to link this post to Black History Month; would it be possible to do this every month, regardless of age, race, color, religion, gender, ethnic origin, or any other of hundreds of differences in people of persons in the Spectrum?

    It is very beautiful to see these persons cherished for their accomplishments, which from my personal perspective, are far above the achievements in my life.

    Kudos to each and every honored person in this post, and all of those honored through the existence of ‘The Art of Autism’.

    Peace, Happiness, and Beauty to all!

  • I’m so appreciative and honored to be a part of this list. Thank you so much for including me. My name however is misspelled, it’s spelled Asiatu. Thanks again.

  • This is FANTASTIC to see so many of those mentioned in the list, we have connected with some how through online events and social media! 11 years ago this was something I would of never have seen.

    Jackie Pilgrim, Lauren Fernandez, Melissa Simmonds, Tyla Grant, Lamar Hardwick, Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, Kayla Smith, Marcus Boyd and Stephen Wiltshire… UK and USA autistic Black voices..

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