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July 2018

Art Contest – Themes of Inclusion, Disability, Education, Acceptance

The Art of Autism has partnered with the Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) for an art contest. Details here. Cash prizes provided by the Joe Mantegna Family. Deadline: August 15, 2018. Ages 14+ United States only.


The Churchill Foundation created a $5,8000 scholarship with Serafin Martinez and a professor from Illinois that will benefit students with disabilities, specifically autism.  Link:

Argentina Exhibit



The Art of Autism People of Diversity, Speaking Project. This project is the Art of Autism ongoing photo and interview database. Email to participate.


Keri Bowers is curating the Art of Autism’s 2018 Poems and Art for Peace. See 2017 Poems and Art for Peace here. We will be posting poems and art with a peace-based them in August and September 2018. Email


Thanks to all our fans who have created Facebook birthday donations, The Art of Autism is now paying neurodivergent bloggers (those with autism and other developmental disabilities as well as those with a mental illness diagnosis) for their blogs. See details here.