Compensation for Neurodivergent Bloggers

Every blog is a story. Tell yours!

The Art of Autism, because of Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, is now able to compensate some of our bloggers. Bloggers must have a disability to be compensated and must either have a paypal account or a United States address to be compensated.

Here are the specifications:

Pilot Program – 3 months
Beginning Jan. 2018

Each month the Art of Autism will have a budget of $400 for this pilot. The pilot program is made possible by Facebook Birthday Donations.

Bloggers will be paid $25 per published blog. If the blogger has published 3 prior blogs with the Art of Autism, they will be paid $50 per published blog (past Art of Autism blogs count towards the 3 blogs). One paid blog per blogger per month.

Blog Criteria

Blogs we pay for must be high-quality blogs not published on other sites.

Blog must be autism or disability related. Blogs about art are welcome. Interviews are welcome.

Neurodivergent bloggers will be the only ones paid until we have funding for others to be paid.

Blog must be 700 – 1500 words. Please single space and have margins flush. Double space between paragraphs.
Spell check your submission. Send in a .docx or txt format. Please separate images from the blog and send separately.

The Art of Autism has the right to reject any submission. Preference is given to autistic bloggers, but people with other disabilities will be considered if the editor deems the submission worthy of publication.

The Art of Autism edits blogs submitted for spelling, punctuation, and for thoughtful presentation.

During the pilot program, a blogger will not receive compensation for more than one blog a month.

Submissions must be complete with an accompanying photo (s) and a bio. Photo should be 72 dpi and no bigger than 1 MB.


Bloggers must have a paypal account for payment or a United States address for payment. We will not send funds overseas in other ways than paypal (because of cost of mailing and cost of bank transfers).

Payments will be made once a month at the beginning of the month for the prior month.

When our budget is exhausted for a month, we will not be paying bloggers until the next month.