Video: 7 Aspergers symptoms in 90 seconds

Daniel Jones Aspie World

By Daniel M. Jones

I am Daniel. I am autistic and an advocate for autism with over 58K YouTube subscribers trying to help the world understand about autism. I have made this video on symptoms of aspergers, to help people.

Daniel’s Bio:

Daniel M. Jones is an international best selling author, multi musician and video influencer with an award winning YouTube channel, Aspie World, dedicated to Autism awareness and understanding. As a person with Autism himself with a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, OCD, ADHD and Dyslexia Daniel uses is influence to help educate people about Autism using his skills of video and social media influence.

More about Daniel here.

One reply on “Video: 7 Aspergers symptoms in 90 seconds”
  1. says: David Goren

    Hi Daniel,

    Great video you did !

    Mine are mostly eye contact avoidance and stimming (rocking my head).
    When I focus on something, I break a world record.
    Instead of picking social hints, I detect the energy of a person or a crowd on a deeper level, using my sharp spiritual insights. I read people.

    I am quite proud of my unique abilities, and am aware of my limitations.


    Dr. David Goren.

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