Outside the Box – inside the mind of an artist on the autism spectrum

Morgan Giosa

By Morgan Giosa

What do I think of when I think of the phrase “outside the box”? I think of a desire – be it intentionally or not – to go against the grain in a creative process which might deviate from conventionally acceptable norms. I think of the painting technique my art teacher showed me of rubbing the edge of an expired credit card against a canvas to achieve fascinating, bold textures and bursts of color. I think of the desire to create spontaneous, improvised jazz and blues music while intuitively reaching for meaningful notes and throwing traditionally accepted knowledge of modes and scales out the window. I think of my personal desire to proudly let my freak flag fly and still successfully and passionately dabble in the arts, in music, and in computer science.

Outside the Box – Inside the Mind of An Artist on the Autism Spectrum” is a film I created in collaboration with my local public access TV station, Windsor Community Television (WIN-TV), to give a glimpse into my life, my creative triumphs and also some of my struggles to conform and get by in a world which doesn’t always accept me.

In the film are interviews with many of my mentors and peers in the arts and technology, some clips of musical performances, and photos of me with my very caring and accepting friends, among other things. I have a dual-diagnosis of Aspergers and manic-depression (bipolar disorder), but I aim to be strong and resilient. In spite of adversities I have battled, I have a professional demeanor and love to work hard whenever I am awarded the opportunity.

One of my goals with this film was to highlight that in spite of my personality quirks, I like to have fun and socialize and I also like to work on my music, my art, and my client’s websites. I am a self-confessed geek, and I don’t cover that fact up, but my hope is that this film will inspire and awe. I am grateful to anyone who just might choose to take the time out of their day to watch it and step into my world for a little while.


Morgan Giosa

Morgan Giosa is a 26-year old web developer, computer science student, and aspiring blues guitarist, photographer, and visual artist from Windsor, Connecticut. Though he struggled to find his artistic inclinations during childhood, Morgan was raised around music and the arts. His brother Alex is a professional musician and skilled visual artist. Many of Morgan’s friends are gigging musicians. As such, Morgan has found his own passion in blues guitar and the visual arts through this frequent exposure to creativity. His personal website is www.morgangiosa.com.

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