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    1. says: Emi Murano

      It is amazing to come across so many artists. Here in Brazil, I would like to mention another artist who is an illustrator. NORI (ed. Martin’s Fontes) is a book about himself. He illustrates the entire book. The first part is written by his mom and the second part it is how perceive his world.

  1. says: Toni Radway

    What an AMAZING individual is Diego Pena! I look forward to obtaining a copy of his book, ‘Anatomy of Autism: A Pocket Guide for Educators, Parents and Students’.

    I would like to share more from The Art of Autism and have provided my email below.

    Thanking you kindly

    Toni Radway

  2. says: Taufik Djamaludin

    My son Fabila is autism, He’s 25 years old and He’s in the university now majoring product design, He likes designing cars either with pencils on a paper or computer using the sketch book pro apps, My name is Taufik I’m his father.

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