Meet Zach Stehle: Autistic Tik Tok Influencer

Zach Stehli

My name is Zach Stehle. I am 22 and I have autism.

In the past month, I have also received over 15 million views on TikTok!

It all started one day in the beginning of July 2022. I was sitting in my room, minding my own
business, reading a comic book and stroking my cat, Piper. All of a sudden, I heard my brother,
Josh, from the other side of the house.


He ran into my room so fast that Piper jumped out of my arms and hid behind me. At first, I was
merely like, “Oh boy, here we go again. What is it this time?”

Josh’s mind is always coming up with crazy new ideas. He’s very creative and loves making
things. But on that day, I was very comfortable with my comic book.

However, Josh is my brother and he always listens to my ideas and stories, as well as all of the
things that I geek over, so I decided to hear what he had to say.

Boy, I am glad that I did!

He asked me if I would like to film some TikTok videos with him in which he asks me questions
about superheroes. I shrugged and decided that it would be fun to do. We made the videos and
posted them online, naming our TikTok channel, “@thestehle.bros,” which I thought was really
cool. Now, a month later, I am TikTok famous!

Josh and I have been featured on 6ABC news, talking about autism awareness, and Josh is
getting ready to publish a book that he wrote about our relationship called, I Am A Superhero
. In the book, Josh tells stories about our childhood and how autism has impacted our
lives. The book talks about his feelings growing up with me and what he has learned about
autism. I’m very proud of him.

Josh has always been my biggest supporter. He gives me advice and is always there for me
when I need someone. For this, I am eternally grateful. Josh is more than my brother. He is my
best friend.

Being autistic has been both challenging and interesting in my life. Autism has allowed me to
see the world in a new light, giving birth to my imagination which has been a comfort to me in
troubled times. I can always escape into my imaginary world when I need a break from reality.
Yet, autism has made it difficult for me to speak properly, to pay attention or even do things that
seem easy to other people.

Sometimes, I dislike the fact I am autistic and I desire to be like everyone else. Yet, I get
through with help from my family who have been my biggest supporters. They fight for me, help
me, and are always there to offer comfort, advice, and assistance. They show me that autism is
not something to be ashamed of. It should be celebrated.

Zach Stehli

Zach and Josh Stehle are spreading autism awareness on their tik tok page. Josh is 20 and neurotypical. Zach is 22 and autistic.
Instagram: @thestehle.bros

6 replies on “Meet Zach Stehle: Autistic Tik Tok Influencer”
  1. says: Heath Wilder

    That is excellent! I’ve had a superhero SI from when I was very young in hospital through to today and this fills me with joy. Your Green Lantern Trivia had me yelling “IMPURITIES IN THE CENTRAL POWER BATTERY” at the screen.

    Thank you for your advocacy (and killer t-shirts – I’m at work wearing Batman).

    1. says: Zach Stehle

      Thank you! I hope you will follow me on TikTok! Hopefully I will have more Green Lantern questions!

  2. says: John Testore

    Hi Zach

    I m proud of you and your ‘superhero s brother’!

    I lean more on the Asperger’ side.
    I excel at humanities whilst I have a hard time with technology and internet. Well, I m also 43 and grew up with ‘pen and paper’…

    I wish to get into the Autistic Advocacy/Blogging business.
    I m a paramedic by qualification.

    I would like to learn and make friends with you.
    I use Facebook as social media. My wife is Japanese and I live in Japan.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

    1. says: Zach Stehle

      Hi, John
      Please reach out to me on my Facebook page! I would love to talk more!
      The Stehle Bros Autism Awareness

      1. says: John Testore

        Hi Zach!
        I found your page on Facebook.

        As you know I have big difficulties with technology.
        Could you send me a friend request?
        That would help me a lot.
        We could also speak on messenger.
        I can express my ideas better by voice too.
        That s how my humanistic Asperger brain works.
        I owe you.

    2. says: Zach Stehle

      Thanks, John!
      I hope you will plow me on TikTok or my Facebook page (The Stehle Bros Autism Awareness)
      Hopefully I will have more Green Lantern questions soon!

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