Meet Teen Artist Zalie Copeland

Zalie Copeland

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been exhibiting and selling my art since I was 8 years old.  I sculpt, draw and paint.  I love working with foam, pipe cleaners, clay, and plasticine.  I sew dresses for my 3 dimensional figures.

My imagination, ideas and thoughts are always so busy in my mind.

As much as I would rather do all my expression through my art, I actively now try to make an effort to communicate with family, friends and the wider community.  At 16 years of age, I am getting much better now with my sentences and talking to people. 

Although it is much easier to walk past and treat all these people like they were trees.  I now understand it is not the way forward.  However, for me it is still so much more rewarding and easier to communicate with art, rather than having to verbalise.

I recently auctioned one of my paintings to help a friend raise money to speak at the APAC Autism Conference in Singapore this year. 

I have now begun work on a series of paintings and figures for an exhibition in November, 2019.  I am very happy with my first painting “Kira the Viking”. The colours are strong and vibrant.  I think I may continue this theme of strong colour and maybe strong woman for other pieces in this exhibition. 

I tend to work fairly quickly, I generate a lot of art pieces, decide which ones I am most happy with, then add small details, make slight changes, maybe add a 3-dimensional element.  I am self-taught, and love the challenge of creating something interesting and eye-catching from very little.

Zalie Copeland Kira The Viking
Zalie Copeland Kira The Viking
Zalie Copeland Rainbow Hair
Zalie Copeland Rainbow Hair
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