Ian: Proud #Autistic

Autism Unveiled Week 4


My name is Ian Weller. I am an individual with Asperger’s Syndrome. I have self-published a collection of autism encouragement poems called Strength for Autism. It contains twenty five poems I wrote myself that are targeted to an Autism Spectrum audience.

Autism isn’t just a part of me, it made me who I am. When I was in school I felt alone, partly because of the traits that come with Autism. I’ve made it my mission to make a statement to others with Autism, “Your not alone, and you have more to offer than you know.” I started to write poetry in high school as a venting method. I wrote out words with emotion and feelings I felt I couldn’t show in public. Starting what I call Life Poetry in high school in 2005, I earned the small nickname of Professor Weller from some of the school’s staff.


One day,
you can be the greatest.
You can be the best
in what you do.
You’ll become
a master of
an art of your choice.
Before you can
be the greatest,
you must decide.
Decide what
you wish to pursue.
Once you decide,
you must practice.
Learn the art.
Practice what you learned,
then build on your knowledge.
Always keep practicing.
Never be afraid
of experimenting with new ideas.
Keep in mind,
there is always
more to learn.
One day,
you will be a master.
One day,
they will see.
See your greatness,
see what you can do.


I’m waking up.
I feel it
in my soul.
A power
that can make
a new era.
A force
that makes me stand
and pushes me
to face the odds.
I only have
a small amount
of this power,
this force
It seems simple,
but hard to find
in these changing times.
It can make people
heroes of a cause.
It’s the power of ‘Hope’.

Ian Weller, Michigan, U.S.A.

Ian’s author page on Amazon

Ian is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – Six weeks of blogs from Autistic people commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

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