Happy Autistic Pride Day June 18 2016 #autisticpride

“You cannot fix what is not broken. Autism is not a disease. We are not incomplete puzzles—we are whole human beings. We are not tragedies—we are products of neurodiversity. Eliminating autism means eliminating us,Chelsea Dub

2019 Autistic Pride Day post is here.

The Art of Autism celebrates Autistic Pride Day today. Autism pride recognizes the innate potential of all people, including autistic people.

This is the 11th year of Autistic Pride Day. It was originally started by Aspies for Freedom and is now a global event. The rainbow infinity symbol represents autistic pride day and symbolizes the “diversity with infinite variations and infinite possibilities.”

In the autism world the day that receives the most publicity is April 2, World Autism Awareness Day (April is Autism Awareness Month). At the Art of Autism we believe Autistic Pride Day is more important. Our project is about empowering autistic people. Autistic Pride Day is about that!

The Art of Autism would like to honor Autism Pride Day with a recap of some popular blogs written by autistic people. We hope the next year will bring understanding, positive media coverage, and a recognition that all human beings deserve respect and dignity.

10 ways to help autistic children and adults, Samantha Craft

Breaking out: My autism story, Leanne Libas

Don’t shut down my voice, April Dawn Griffin

The Gender Shift – those who self-identify as autistic are my sisters, Jocelyn Eastman

Autism is my destiny, Tito Mukhopadhyay

understanding the spectrum5

Understanding the spectrum: A comic strip explanation, Rebecca Burgess

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    Standard diagnostic criteria need impairment in social interaction and repetitive and conventional patterns of behavior, activities and interests, while not important delay in language or psychological feature development. not like the international customary,

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