Finding Your Inner MozArt Art Submissions – Page 3

This is Page 3 of the Finding Your Inner MozArt Art submissions. This page includes artists Margaux Wosk, Trent Altman, Sara Holt, Faith Vanderbilt, Isabelle Han, Steve Staniek, Taylor Matum, Will Perry, Tinamarie Nelmes, Valerie Casella, and Grace Kelly. See Page 1 here. See Page 2 here. See student’s work from the Pasitos program in Tijuana here.

Margaux Wosk

Margaux Wosk
Margaux Wosk Mixed Media 14 x 12″

I am 30 years old and I am Autistic. My artist pseudonym is “Retrophiliac”. I have been creating art my entire life. Art has helped me cope with my anxiety, depression and has helped me embrace my neurodiversity. I have been so lucky to be able to have the conversation about Autism by utilizing my art as a way to grab the attention of others. This piece of art is titled “Mixed Media” because we consume music in so many different ways. I wanted to showcase the vibrancy of just that, media consumption. Music is such an integral part of life and I feel like we all have our very own unique soundtrack. I am inspired by pop music of the 60’s and 70’s and it comes through in it’s own vibrant way.

My piece is titled “Mixed Media”, It’s a 12×14 Canvas Board and I have used paint markers and a permanent marker as my mediums.

Trent Altman

Trent Altman Bold Vibrations in Color
Trent Altman Bold Vibrations in Color 24 x 36″

Trent painted this piece in his backyard, over the course of 3 sunny warm days. The process: First day, with acrylic paint he painted the canvas white over a textured surface. Second day (after it dried) he used a plate of different colors of acrylic paints combined with Gel Medium. He dipped a kitchen spatula into the medium and slung it across the canvas and with much pleasure and excitement. Although there are multiple layers, each color is shown and vivid.

Trent Altman Lavender Harmony
Trent Altman Lavender Harmony 20 x 32″

Trent painted with acrylic and medium several layers upon the canvas surface, to give a rainbow effect. With the top last layer, he used a scraper tool dipped into a teal blue metallic acrylic paint and scraped over the entire painting.

Trent Altman Cool Jazz
Ternt Altman Cool Jazz 21 x 28″

Trent painted with acrylic and medium several layers upon the canvas surface, to give a rainbow effect. He then dipped a scraper tool in color with medium and scraped downward on the canvas. Lastly he chose from an array of his own originally designed mixed media to glue into the painting.

Sara Holt

Sara Holt Musical Moonlight
Sara Holt Musical Moonlight 16 x 12″

Sara Holt is a 45 year old self diagnosed female artist living with Asperger’s who has always been interested in arts, language, and psychology. She doesn’t create art in one style or one medium. Sara works from an emotional palette using instinct and life experience to guide her through the artistic process. 

Influences in her work include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollack, along with a wide variety of music and art of the 20th century. Wild colors, expressive faces, and a sense of working class humanity are constant features of her work.  Sara’s hope and goal is that viewers of her work grasp the depth of emotion put into each piece, and that the art will elicit the same deep emotions from the viewers themselves. 

Faith Vanderbilt

Faith Vanderbilt Merfaith
Fairth Vanderbilt Merfaith Digital Media

My name if Faith Vanderbilt and I just turned 17. This is my very first art contest submission.  I love doing art on my new IPad.  I hope you like my art.

Faith Vanderbilt
Faith Vanderbilt Talent the Magnificent Faith the Great Digital Media
Faith Vanderbilt digiltal art
Faith Vanderbilt Talent Starring Phantom of the Opera Digital Media

Isabelle Han

Isabelle Han Toelle
Isabelle Han Toelle Digital Media

I draw most of my inspiration from the fiction I consume on a regular basis. I combine the aspects I enjoy the most with my personal preferences to create original characters with their own stories. Usually, I like to experiment with different coloring styles, but the base shapes remain simple and stylized.

Isabelle Han Space Run
Isabelle Han Space Run Digital media
Isabelle Han art
Isabelle Han Fake Watercolor Digital Media

Steve Staniek

Steve Staniek Tree of Life
Steve Staniek Tree of Life

I have always had a strong connection to the concept of the tree of life. Last year during a psychic conference, each of us was suddenly tasked with producing a piece of artwork that expressed or depicted our personal tree of life, in the space of just two hours.

Taylor Matum

Taylor Matum Many Passions
Taylor Matum Many Passions Digital Media

Many people have so much creativity to them and different sides to them that makes them worth it and beautiful.

I am 15. Art is a comfort method for me and I love to draw.

Taylor Matum Perfect Quite
Taylor Matum Perfect Quite Digital Media

There is so much beauty in the simplest things, and using your creativity to create it and share it with other people is beautiful, even if your afraid.

Taylor Matum Dark Sky
Taylor Matum Dark Sky Digital Media

Even if the world seem bleak and absolutely destroyed, there is still beauty, creativity, and other people in it.

Tinamarie Nelmes

Tinamarie Nelmes Song Note Birds Fine Ink Pen on Art Paper 14 x 17″

My first drawing of the “Song Note Birds” is based on my love of hearing the birds sing. If you look closely my birds are made each of a “Musical note”.

Because I am visual, when I hear music, I don’t just see instrument’s and people singing, I see pictures & stories. I enjoy listening to all types of music as it sparks my imagination to create my whimsical creatures.

Tinamarie Nelmes art
Tinamarie Nelmes The Greatest Crow-man starring Hugh Cluck-man Fine Ink Pen on Art Paper 17 x 14″

My next drawing is inspired from my love for musical films. My latest favorite is “The Greatest Showman.” Putting my own animal spin on it I produced “The Greatest Crow-man” starring “Hugh Cluck-man.”

Tinamarie Nelmes Ceviche the Salsa Dancing Maracas Bongo Playing Octopus Fine Ink Pen on Art Paper 17 x 14″

My final drawing reflects my love for the sounds of the ocean as well as rhythm and beats of Latin music. I call her “Ceviche” the “Salsa Dancing Maracas Bongo Playing Octopus”

Valerie Casella

Valerie Casella Space Odyssey
Valerie Casella For David Bowie Far Above My World Space Odyssey Digital Media

I do have a heart for Science Fiction and Horror so I made this drawing a little friendlier just to show everyone that not even that you could hate the enemy, but befriend the enemy – through Music, especially David Bowie music, which fills my soul.

Will Perry

Will Perry Faces in the Mountain
Will Perry Faces in the Mountain 8 x 10″

These are some great places and faces I dream of seeing someday.

Will Perry Lady Liberty
Will Perry Lady Liberty
Will Perry The Great Tower
Will Perry The Great Tower

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Rox Rebel
Grace Kelly Rox Rebel Digital Media

I like anime and created my own character: Roxy Rebel. I am a stay at home mom with an awesome husband and three adorable kids. I like to draw and make epoxy resin necklaces in my spare time.

Grace Kelly Roxy Rebel I
Grace Kelly Roxy Rebel 1 Digital Media
Grace Kelly Roxy Rebel 3
Grace Kelly Roxy Rebel 3