Autistic students in Tijuana embrace art

Ariana Jaqueline Garcia Olgun
Arian Jaqueline Garcia, The Violin

The Pasitos program in Tijuana serves autistic children. The Art of Autism is highlighting some of the students who participated in the Finding Your Inner MozArt art contest sponsored by the Art of Autism and Mainly Mozart, a San Diego based nonprofit who connects music lovers to the genius of Mozart and other masters. The Art of Autism is part of Mainly Mozart’s Mozart & The Mind events May 30 – June 2.

Ariana Jaqueline Garcia Olguin is 11 years old. She likes to draw and paint. Her passion is sports such as soccer and basketball.

Ariana Jaqueline Garcia Olgun
Arian Jaqueline Garcia, The Violin
Ariana Jaqueline Garcia G lguin
Ariana Jaqueline Garcia Olguin Orchestra
Ariana Jaquline Garcia Olguin
Ariana Jaqueline Garcia Olguin My Dreams

Daniel Alejandro Valdez Sarabia is 12 years old. He likes cartoons. His family noticed that art relaxes him and encourages Daniel in his art creations.

Valdez Trump
Daniel Alejandro Valdez Sarabia Trumpet
Valdez Triangle
Daniel Alejandro Valdez Sarabia Triangle
Valdez Music Son
Daniel Alejandro Valdez Sarabia Music Song

Gabriel Aguilar Gandarilla, 11 years old, has been creating art since he was a young child. He would tape his art creations on furniture around his home. Gabriel was invited to illustrate the coloring book of PASITOS and has participated in 3 editions. His family one day hopes his illustrations will be seen as advertising for products.

Gandarilla My Monsters
Gabriel Aguilar Gandarilla My Monsters
Gabriel Aguilar Gandarilla Fishes
Gabriel Aguilar Gandarilla Fishes
Gandarilla Duck
Gabriel Aguilar Gandarilla Duck

Iram de Jesus Cota Osuna is 11 years old. he is the youngest son in the family and enjoys sharing time with his older brother Carlos. Iram likes to put together puzzles. His work has been exhibited in cultural spaces and at the baseball stadium in Tijuana.

Iram of Pasitos
Iram Thinkin
Iram De Cota Asuna Thinkin
Iram Sleepin
Iram De Cota Asuna Sleepin
Iram Relaxed
Iram De Cota Asuna Relaxed

Eric Miguel Morales Esparaza, 10 years old, is very shy. Eric has trouble making friends. Painting is a form of expression in his life. He enjoys drawing.

Eric Drum
Eric Miguel Morales Esparaza Drum
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