Finding your inner MozArt art submissions – Page 2

This is Page 2 of the Finding Your Inner MozArt Art contest submissions. See page 1 here. See page 3 here. See entries from the Pasitos program in Tijuana here. This page includes artists David Idell, Grant Manier, Hope McKee, J.A. Tan, Joshua Garcia, Kevin Hosseini, Leslie Wolf, Luis Uriel, Matteo Musso, and Max LaZebnick.

David Idell

David Idell Vivaldi
David Idell Vivaldi digital media

Vivaldi is making beautiful music

David Idell has limited verbal ability. His mom, Cynthia says David’s family loves music and are symphony subscribers. The words in italics under each art piece are David’s own words.

David Idell Mozart
David Idell Mozart digital media

His name is Mozart, Mainly Mozart

David Idell Beethoven
David Idell Beethoven Digital media

Beethoven writes music

Grant Manier

Grant Manier Love is in the Air
Grant Manier Love is in the Air collage

Every year I enjoy creating hearts for the Valentine month. I created my first heart in 2016 after a car accident I was involved in. It shook me to the core. But, I was surround by love and angels that day and everyday.

Grant creates his art from recycled paper and puzzle pieces. This piece is made of over 1000 pieces of recycled wall paper.

Hope McKee

Hope McKee My Magic Flute
Hope McKee My Magic Flute digital media

This is a digital impression of my sister’s flute

Hope McKee The Magic Flute and the Midnight Queen Acrylic 18 x 24″

This is Hope’s intrepretation of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute

J.A. Tan

J.A. Tan First Movement Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 24″
J.A. Tan Second Movement
J.A. Tan Second Movement Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 24″
J.A. Tan Third Movement Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 24″

From the time I could first hold a pencil to draw, I have been creating art to communicate my thoughts and feelings.  As I grew up, it was through art that I understood the world around me. Through my paintings I invite the viewer to see how I see things and how I react to them.  While Mozart showed us his world through music,  I present my world through powerful and strong colors – colors that move as my thoughts, feelings, and emotions move. 

These three pieces , inspired by Mozart’s life and compositions – “First Movement”, “Second Movement”, and “Third Movement” – are visual musical compositions for me.  The moving figures dance to the music uniquely heard by each of them.   As one looks closely at each piece, one hears the music in his own mind produced by the different energies of the colors I have used. So each viewer sees and hears the music in his own way.  And as one responds to these pieces in his own way, it is my hope that my art inspires people to understand and accept the many differences existing in the landscape of our world – the same world we all live in but may be seen in a different perspective by me and my creative autistic mind.

Joshua Garcia

Joshua Garcia Candy
Joshua Garcia Candy Acrylic on Canvas12 x 16″
Joshua Garcia Splat Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12
Joshua Garcia Galaxy
Joshua Garcia Galaxy Acrylic on Canvas 8 x8 “

Joshua Garcia is a young man who expresses himself through what his mom calls “Splats” paintings.

Kevin Hosseini

Kevin Hosseini Boyle Heights Mariachis
Kevin Hosseini “Boyle Heights Mariachis” Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 20″

I like music and listen to music a lot. I really like mariachi music and I like to visit Mexico. I have painted many scenes of Mexico and Mexico City. I want to visit Mexico City one day.

Kevin Hosseini Mexico CIty 3 Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 24″

Leslie Wolf

Leslie Wolf I grieve for the world
Leslie Wolf I Grieve for the World

I sat for a couple hours after the Las Vegas shooting in October 2017 trying to understand how someone could justify killing people to themselves. At a loss I finally decided to see if I could draw a picture that would show how most people felt about the senseless loss of life that day.  I sketched a small pencil drawing of 3 people hugging the world. A Hispanic Woman, a Man of Color and a Caucasian Woman to illustrate the universal pain felt by the survivors of mass killings which doesn’t discriminate according to race, religion or economic status. I named it “I Grieve For the World.”

Luis Uriel

Luis Uriel Heart of Music
Luis Uriel Heart of Music Acrylic 5 x 7″

This painting represents of how much I love music. I was born loving Mozart.

Luis Uriel Notes in the Sky
Luis Uriel Notes in the Sky Acrylic 5 x 7″

This painting represents of how a singer can confidently sing and let the notes flow while playing any type of instrument.

Luis Uriel Window
Luis Uriel Window to my Heart Acrylic on Canvas 48 x 24″

It took three weeks to finish this painting. Especially of how to blend the colors. For me, that painting represents my passion of music. I really love Mozart since I was little. The lower of the painting represents the ocean because I love the beach. The upper part is the Sky because I love sunsets. The middle, which is the heart is the window of my heart. The music notes shows how much I love the music of Mozart .

Matteo Musso

Matteo Musso
Matteo Musso, With One Voice, 12 x 16″

I envision music uniting the world and if only for a moment, and if only for a moment the barriers, of color, religion, political views, social economic status and abilities are lifted. All of humanity may bask in the vibrations and frequency of music and share peace and love once again; for both music and love know no boundaries. Let’s speak these universal languages with joy and intention.

Max LaZebnik

Max LeZebnik Saxaphone
Max LaZebnik Soulful Saxaphone Acrylic 18 x 24″
Max LaZebnik Swriling Colors
Max LaZebnik Swirling Colors Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 24″
Max Lazebnik Galactic Rocks
Max Lazebnik A Galactic Night at the Vasquez Rocks Acrylic 18 x 24″

My art portfolio, entitled, SURREBRAL, includes emotional self-portraits, celebrity portraits, space art, landscapes, and illustrations in a whimsical, psychedelic style.  I came up with the name, SURREBRAL, by combining the words, surreal, meaning a dream-like reality, and cerrebral, meaning of the mind.  Growing up, I developed an interest in classic rock, which gauged my interest in the psychedelic art from the late 1960s and 1970s.  Disney also inspired me to become an artist as a child.  I was first introduced to art by watching animated characters in Disney films and riding past incredible set designs and animatronics on Disneyland rides.  A lot of the work from Surrebral draws inspiration from that psychedelic art including Milton Glaser’s posters and David Bowie’s album covers.  The surrealistic style of my work also draws inspiration from my childhood love of Disney.

My self-portraits, including Asperger’s, give the viewer a visual representation of my feelings as a man and developing artist living with Asperger’s Syndrome.  My self-portraits also show viewers my anxiety as a young adult living in Donald Trump’s America. My space art, including SpaceScape, gives the viewer a chance to escape the modern world and make them feel as if they’ve stepped in my daydreams of visiting outer space.  My celebrity portraits, including Aretha, offer viewers my interpretation of each celebrity’s personality through their expressions.


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