Dear Me: heros have limits too …

Brian be letter to self copy

Brian Be, movement addict / dancer

Spoke N Motion features him in his solo during their spring show at the Colorado Ballet. Watch “Loss & Joy … a father’s story.”


FB: BrianBeArts
Twitter: BeArtsWellness
YouTube: BeArtsWellness

A Colorado, USA native, Brian is active in family, community and advocacy as well as promoting causes, events, business and artists that promote our lasting wellness.

The Art of Autism is accepting Dear Me letters and videos for the Dear Me Project. Email theartofautism @

3 replies on “Dear Me: heros have limits too …”
  1. says: keri

    A most creative “Dear Me” letter… I LOVE and ADORE IT!

    So few words; eloquently placed for emphasis and the ART of a beautiful self.

    Very well done, Brian. ROck thE ArT!

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