Casting Call for Verizon Commercial: Seeking people with various disabilities

Verizon Poster

My name is Kellyanne O’Callaghan and I’m a Casting Associate at Tiffany Company Casting (, a casting company in Los Angeles. We are currently casting a very powerful and special Verizon Wireless commercial looking for current Verizon Wireless customers across the United States who use the Verizon network to help overcome a physical challenge or disability.

This commercial will be shot in a documentary style and will tell the unique story about how people with physical challenges and disabilities have used the Verizon Wireless network to help them overcome that challenge or disability. Some examples may be:

A visually impaired Verizon Wireless customer who uses the network for AI connectivity to help them understand their surroundings.

A hearing impaired Verizon Wireless customer who had to use the text-to-911 feature in an emergency.

A Verizon Wireless family with an autistic child who uses the network connection to encourage verbal skills.

A disabled or physically challenged Verizon customer who uses the Verizon network

A Verizon customer that uses a phone compatible prosthetic

Individuals booked for this commercial will be paid $500 for the shoot day and $5,000 for the buyout, if their image appear in the final broadcast edit. This rate is per person.

We are conducting preliminary 15 minute casting interviews via Skype or FaceTime December 18th – December 29th. The commercial will film between January 12th and January 18th.


2 replies on “Casting Call for Verizon Commercial: Seeking people with various disabilities”
  1. says: Teresa

    My son has Cerebral Palsy and has an Embrace2 watch he wears that notifies me and me husband if he has a seizure which has been exceptionally valuable at night in case of a seizure during his sleep. It uses Bluetooth technology.

  2. says: Sonja

    Why not offer residuals to the disabled person so they can have ongoing income whenever the commercial is aired? I’d speak to SAG/AFTRA about the difference. While it sounds like a lot up front – if the commercial is really successful, the actor would not benefit monetarily. Buyouts are the new thing in tv, especially online shows because the companies don’t want to share profits.

    “A TV or internet commercial buyout is when you receive one lump sum as payment for a commercial. Most SAG-AFTRA jobs you will have continued payments on a residual scale (like you do in SAG-AFTRA jobs). Residuals mean, that every time your commercial airs, you are paid again!”

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