Autistic Manifesto

Kevin Degidon

A poem published on June 18, Autistic Pride Day

By Kevin Degidon

I am autistic I proclaim.
And I say it with no shame,
For I wasn’t meant to be the same.
I’m not an accident of nature,
But the handiwork of a loving creator.
Made for a cause with fresh eyes to see,
All wonders that this world could be.
To look upon convention not with defiance,
But simply ignore its mere existence.
For in its prejudices form the feedback loop of violence and depravity,
Break loose for freedom, progress and humanity.
To teach to true meaning of civic society.
For my different empathy doth surmise,
Sees no color, shape or size,
Only love of life as the great prize.
For all existence study and traverse,
Hidden strings that bind our universe,
To solve man’s perils at their worst.
Go forth and mend our world so torn,
Sing praise for all blessed born,
As innovators nonconformed.

Kevin Degidon

Kevin is a versatile artist who works in various art forms including:
• Acrylic painting
• Book illustration
• Sculpture
• Interactive art
• Installation artwork
• Writing

Kevin Degigen Aspie Mind
Kevin Degiden “Aspie Mind”
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