Autistic artist Robbie Ierubino creates his own unique style of art he calls shapism

Robbie IeRubino Mystifying

“I have always been fascinated by art and began creating my own a few years ago after visiting Barcelona and seeing the works of Antonio Gaudí. This love has led me to my current career path,” Robbie IeRubino

An interview with artist Robbie IeRubino who shares some of his art.

Robbie IeRubino "Aura"

Q. How old were you when you developed your art style?

I was 16 when I developed my art style in my very first official artwork.

Q. How did your art style come to be?

The style of mine came to be a predicted new art movement, based on the inspiration of past styles from the 20th century. And a study of how different styles can combine in a new contemporary work of art.

Q. Do you have synaesthesia – do you see shapes or colors?

I do imagine shapes and colors when I look at my artwork, but I do not have synaesthesia.

Q. What are some of your challenges?

When I find something interesting and inspiring in or outside my head, I wanted to make it as art for my communication to others and my life with autism.

Robbie IeRubino "Something from Nothing"

Q. How has your autism helped your art?

I think Autism has given me a unique perspective and I hope it comes through in my art. As my senses are always on high-alert, my understanding of the world around me may be a bit different from others.

Q. What would you like people to know about autism?

Through my artwork, I want people to learn to accept differences and show empathy for others, share memories, find common interests, and treat others with respect, including the ones with autism. I also like when people create their own opinions when viewing my art and thinking what it means to them. I think the first thing people notice about my art is the highly saturated and intense colors of the geometric shapes. Every shape and the complete form may give the viewers some musical inspirations. Also, I hope my artwork provokes an emotional response as well.


Robbie Ierubino

Robby Ierubino is a 19-year old American with Autism studying Graphic Design at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent, England. He has developed his own style he calls “shapism.” Shapism is a collection of shapes creating a minimalist body in different metamorphic forms through the use of colors, imagery, typography, and light. Through this form of visual communication, each piece is explained through its title.





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  1. says: David Goren

    The three pictures shown in this article are great artworks to me, regardless of who made them…

    It definitely provokes my emotional response…

    My own experience is that being on the spectrum can give you the gift of a unique perspective, sensitivity, depth – and it mainly gives you the ability of being different… Society often regards being different as being less, but without diversity society will be boring and never evolve… The average does not change the average…


    David Goren

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