Anjana’s Christmas Tale



Once upon a time, there was a girl named Clarina. It was Christmas time .She decorated the Christmas tree.


So, Clairina thought that Santa Claus will give a present for her. ’’I wish I want a present for me’’ Clairina said.


So she took a pencil and paper to write a wonderful letter for Santa. ”I wonder what I’m going to write.” She said.


Clairina wrote a letter saying: Dear Santa, ’’Please get me what I want .My gift is The Pretty unicorn Fairy .Please get cookies and milk’’ .Love, Clairina.


So, Clairina put the letter in an envelope and closed it. ”I think Santa is going to get the present”. She said.


Clairina walked towards the door and put the letter underneath the door.

Later, Clairina walked to her bedroom and began to sleep.


Clairina rushed and found the present Santa has delivered. She opened the present.


Clairina had got The Pretty Unicorn Fairy. ”Wow I like it”. She said.


Clairina saw a plate with cookies and milk nearby. So, Clairina ate cookies and drank milk.


Clairina liked Christmas and she lived happily ever after.
The End


Anjana Krishna is a 17 year old budding artist residing in Dubai, specializing primarily in Indian folk art and digital art. She was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 2. Anjana did all the graphic arts and story on this blog.

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  1. says: radhika

    Hi Anjana,

    How do I get in touch with you? I would like to use a piece by you as my inspiration for a collaboration for Autism Awareness.

    Best wishes,

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